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The people dress in stylish clothes and seem to be enjoying themselves. The city is clean and well-maintained, and the traffic, if a bit dense, is quite orderly. Far better than most provincial cities in China. The second thing we realized is that the surveillance apparatus is hardcore.

As I mentioned, there are police everywhere; standing, walking, A Little Too Not Over You - David Archuleta - David Archuleta driving.

There were tons of shields, too. Another striking element is how they control the movement of people. Entry to any public place is strictly controlled. Residential compounds, markets, mosques, hospitals, and other wider spaces all have separate entries and exits. Inside both entries and exits, there is a metal scanner, an ID card reader, and in some not many places a facial recognition camera.

Places which expect foreigners also have more advanced passport scanners. We were never asked to produce our phones, nor did we see it done to anyone else, but we did listen to many others saying that was the case, before and during the trip.

Every entrance also had two or three security guards, again with anti-riot gear. The Xinjiang authorities want to control who gets in and out of every place at every time. The assumption seems to be that a knife-wielding terrorist may come at any time, so everyone must be ready with shields and bats, which should be enough to handle a guy with a knife until the police can bring in more serious equipment. After too many Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like ItI point blank asked if it was true that police would come in 30 minutes if I talked about politics on the phone.

Why would you do that anyway? But the general Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It was pleasant. We got a taxi to the new Urumqi station, about 30 minutes from the city center.

About meters before the Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It itself there was a police checkpoint with a small building Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It.

Most people were waved through; some were made to open their car trunks and had their luggage inspected. We were completely stopped and told to get out of the car and into the building. The taxi driver looked half annoyed, half scared. Inside the buildings, police asked for our passports, took pictures of all relevant pages, and asked us, rather abruptly, what our business was.

We explained, put our luggage through a scanner, and they let us go. We then got back on our taxi and went on to the station. The same security apparatus we saw in Urumqi was there in Turpan, perhaps a bit more so. Police stations every meters or so, police cars patrolling all the time, and metal scanners at every shop, manned by security guards armed with wooden bats and plastic shields. Cameras everywhere.

Markets and other large venues had separate entries and exits with ID controls, etc. Same thing. All large compounds also had barbed wire above the walls to stop people from jumping in or out. No funny business in Xinjiang. One big difference with Urumqi was that, again, most people were Uyghur.

But the police were Uyghur, too. Or most of it, anyway. I must say that the Uyghur police we saw were more easy-going than the Han police we saw in Urumqi. More chill. Less zealous, you could say. At any rate, they never gave us a hard time, and we got plenty of smiles and easy treatment. There are just too many of them to be properly trained. We did get a chance to stroll around some residential compounds.

We saw a Han maybe Hui? A bunch of middle-aged Uyghur men were chatting with him, in bad Silly Lily, Funny Bunny - Maximilian Hecker - Ill Be A Virgin, Ill Be A Mountain, but in a cordial way, laughing and all.

We walked into a more rural area in the outskirts of the city. A big white wall was painted with scenes of ethnic harmony. No religious activities at all allowed in public places. Do not interfere with marriage, family planning, or education in the name of religion. Conjugation of the Portuguese -ar verb reconciliar. Notes : [edit ] This is a regular verb of the -ar group. Verbs with this conjugation include: amarcantargritarmarcharmostrarnadarpararparticiparretirarsepararviajar.

Me not so much…. It was all above board and I may him aware of my intentions every step of the way. Thats fairness. I applaud your strength.

At the end of it all I hope I can look back and say I live authentically and with integrity. Thats the message i want my child to get from all this. You deserve someone who values you. That you have worth and you never have to give that up for love. Any kind of love. Never tolerate someone in your life who disregards your worth.

Like the antique tables he gave me when I was going through cancer treatments. I took the family photo albums but have them shoved away in drawers and closets. I guess my preferred method of dealing with it is avoidance. I hate that the meaning of memories has changed. I hate that the family mementos of 36 years together are too painful to look La Garde Montante, Act 1 - Bizet* - London Philharmonic Orchestra*, Anthony CollinsEduard van Bei. Maybe some day a granddaughter might like to play dress up in it.

Still got the jewelry he gave me hidden away too. I have my wedding dress in a closet too. Not sure what to do with it. Check out an organization called Brides Against Breast Cancer — they provide a great and tax deductible way to put old gowns back in to the stream.

OWhore had given me and him and us lots of stuff. After DDay I took all of Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It letters she had sent me, along with a few books she had given me, Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It all the letters and books she had given darling hubby and burned them in the barbecue grill.

I then took every other item from her, damaged it beyond repair, put it in a plastic-lined box, dumped the ashes on it, pissed on it and mailed it to her. ChChChChump, you are my hero. I mailed some stuff to my ex after he moved out and I was tempted to include a Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It from the cat but I stopped myself.

But you, you do the follow-through. Good for you. My cheater took a work lamp Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It belonged to me when he left. I was pissed about it since I still had the receipt and he clearly had taken it Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It OW to use in her dumpy apartment.

So, when I spoke with the cops about my assault charges against him, I told them about the lamp. They paid him a visit and retrieved it forme. The bag was promptly delivered. Never heard another word about it. Being Mazurka Op. 68 Nr. 2 A-Moll - Various - Die Schönsten 20 Klavierstücke Chump has at times put me on the edge of being a nasty person.

But I have learned to set firmer boundaries so I cut and run at the first red flag. Marci, way to go with the dog turd! I bet he violated the employee handbook with that suggestion. We had been married 20 years in what I thought was the perfect marriage with the perfect man.

I was devastated. Is that the way you want to do this? The entitlement of this man who thought he could destroy my life and then give me flowers and expect me to be grateful because hey, he is so thoughtful. I was so lucky to have such a thoughtful cheater. A month later I found out about the slut. I told him either he came home to tell my teenage kids the truth or I Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It.

He did. I told him that I was not going to have him coming into my home to get stuff. Either he Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It it or I would trash it.

A week later he came for it. And later the few things he left behind I put in a box outside and told him to come get them. Some things that I found later I just trashed. I asked a friend Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It come by and go through my stuff and separate the things and letters and pictures he had given me.

I was so hurt and devastated. I asked my friend to trash everything. She said I might regret it later. Everything was tainted now. So thats how I dealt with his stuff. The wedding album? I trashed it some months ago. Lies, lies and more lies. Who wants to keep an album that represents lies, deceit and betrayal?

Not me. And the OW was angry at him for writing that since it implied she was a bad thing. Umm…ya…did she think the kids would think she is a good thing? This from a narc serial cheater. After one of the DDays I took a whole lot of stuff round to the place he was renting and included our wedding album. I dumped it in the road and he had to take it all in.

He was using our son to fetch stuff from the attic and giving him items to store up there after I put a stop to him coming and going and took back his key. OW has sold up, put her furnuture in storage, and moved into his tiny rental with him.

Apparently she is fanatically tidy, insists that shoes are removed at the door, and was making him give away a lot of possessions that he had spent money on. NO…not happening. I do not wish to destroy or damage photographs and have packed away any Money Honey - Various - 20 RocknRoll Hits (Silva-Sonderausgabe) do not want to see.

He gave the rings I returned to our daughter. I have a card or two received in the past that must have been sent to the wrong lady with all the confusion leading a double life can bring…all about me being his one and only true love. I kept them just in case she ever calls here again…I am sure that they are rightfully hers!

Just remembed, when my good friend was chumped and left after 30 years for an older woman he had met on holiday she done some packing for him.

She wrapped his china in newspaper piece by piece but had a few mishaps along the way…also an opened bottle of scotch…he was bound to want that. I burned every single lovey dovey card, every single picture, every single every thing in my back yard fire pit. I had a fake life, married to a fake man, with a fake marriage and all that shit was just FAKE. In the beginning I wanted him back soooo much.

I sent him photos of him and the kids. I sent him our wedding pictures. And then I came to my senses. I packed his personal shit up in three crates and mailed them to his wuv nest.

In cleaning out his drawers I came across a few bottles of Viagra. I thought it was the right thing to do so I sprinkled them throughout the boxes, all over his suits, ties and shirts. I found several vibrators in his drawer, all unopened. I took those and placed them on top of each pile of stuff. I packed those boxes so tightly that when they got to the wuv nest one of them broke open and the BOBs, along with his blue buddies, were lying out in the open on the porch floor when he got home.

He was given one hour to come into my home and get his shit. Of course he took more than he said he would. After the D he asked for additional stuff.

In a kinder moment Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It said okay and packed up the items on his list and literally threw it at the end of my driveway. He was told in no uncertain terms that he was NOT to come onto my property lest the police be called.

The rest of his crap and my fuckwadabelia was sold at a yard sale. I sold my wedding ring and engagement ring for scrap gold and took myself to spa Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It a facial, mani, pedi and massage.

The house is now virtually despoused. When I come across a piece of fuckwadabelia I give it a fitting tribute — a trip to the trash. He never wrote love notes, but he did love to email oh the irony.

He left these things, and after I asked him to come and get them for the millionth time, I snapped. His extremely expensive suits -to the local homeless shelter. I sold his gun collection and donated the funds to the local community college. I trucked every single stick of furniture that he even assisted in making a decision on purchasing—to the local Catholic charities drop off. I made damn sure that he knew that I had done something WORSE in his mind Amor,Amor - Tabaco y su Sexteto - Tabaco y Su Sexteto toss or burn his shit—I gave his shit to those he deemed beneath him.

The first alimony check that I received even though I could have used it for other family related things was donated to the local Animal Shelter—since XH was SUCH an asshole to my dog any animal, actually. I havent gotten rid of the photos yet. I only got rid of the bed that was a BIG relief. Then sort when you are ready—closer to Meh. Turns out he bought the same thing that year for OW 2. I like to wear it every now and then….

I started packing right after Christmas because we Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It to be out by mid February and I had arranged for the Ike Isaacs - The Tender Touch and I to move in with my mom.

Unfortunately in Mid January I tore the miniscus in my knee. Surgery to fix Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It was scheduled for 5 days before we had to be out — which was also my birthday. So he and his family finished packing, moved the kids and I to my moms and the balance to a storage unit. STBX volunteered to pay for the unit. Then chumpy me listened to his sob story and continued paying for it for a year.

Decided it was time to downsize. Took my stuff and the kids and moved it to a unit half the size and half the price. Emailed him the first day of the month and told him I was no longer paying for the unit. Took pictures of what I left behind and an inventory. Shortly after, he started raising a ruckus about how what was in the unit was half his and he wanted the Lenox and crystal.

It was determined by the lawyers that since I paid for storage the items had become mine. When I decided it was time to stop paying for storage, I cleaned out the unit. If it was Lenox or Crystal, it accidentally slipped out of my hands and broke. Ooops never felt so good. Most of it went to the Salvation Army conveniently located behind the storage center, some of it was sold at a yard sale.

I also did a good job of selling his gold to help pay for the lawyer. I still have the wedding pictures and photos of the kids with their dad. The last thing i kept is the wedding dress.

Sounds silly but it will be the fire source for the bon fire at the party to celebrate when this whole divorce is over!!!!! Decided to treat his stuff like he treated me…. So, I did a combination of fire pit burning ceremony, tossed in the garbage and recycle, and then when I found his FAVORITE Christmas ornaments, proceeded to one by one stepping on them—boy did they explode!! I never felt so free after that!!

At one point he was having me draw porn for him. He wanted you to draw furry porn? Like Mickey Mouse fucking Goofy kind of Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It Or a bigfoot blowing a bunny? That is seriously weird.

Haha, no not quite THAT weird. More like just randomly created animal characters fucking in various ways. My ex left his computer in the garage.

Bit by bit, one by one, given away or thrown in the trash. The pictures I did have a little fun with first. I found a tiny pair of scissors and my best friend and I cut them into little shapes. Stars, flowers, abstract squiggles, whatever we felt like. Chop, chop, Take These Chains - Tequila Tony - Wanted Man. There were a few things he left that I kept for a while, then sold.

I kept it, played it through, and then held on to it for a bit just to be able to say that I owned this rare game. I sold it earlier this year for tattoo money.

Photos are such a problematic thing. They can mean such different things to people… My ex 34year marriage here walked out the door with one roll aboard suitcase stating he wanted nothing from our entire 36 years together, but one of the surprise clauses in the mediation session was to have copies made of all the family photos…. That had to come from his mommy. Anyway, at first I balked because I was the family archivist and didnt feel he really gave a damn about them.

After I moved and dragged around those four boxes of photos and film without wanting to open them, I realized my daughter and I already had any pics we needed, and Since I now questioned the truth of our entire marriage, I decided I was ready to let go of them even though we were not divorced yet 19 months of delays and obstructions by the narc.

I packed up all four boxes, including the wedding album, and crated the big framed family photo that was under my bed like I would ever hang that again? If he chose to damage or get rid of them, then they were gone forever. They probably had to walk around the piles of albums, photos, old tapes, and that huge picture that represented real people, real collateral damage, for who knows how long right in the middle of the living room instead of just previous shadows to lock away on disc, all tidy in a drawer.

The day I left the UPS office I started smiling, and have very content about the decision to let them all go… No regrets at all! I had checked and cleared this with my therapist, my family and my daughter, and they were all fine with my decision.

Let himand her for that Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like Itkeep shoving the big framed photo of his former family under their bed and dragging around all those boxes! I love that they probably were stuck walking around the huge family photo sitting their in their living room or wherever.

I think these narcy cheater couples have a knack for ignoring the magnitude of the grief and loss they cause. Seeing all those photos will definitely trigger regret at some point.

Letting him know how little you value those things is a fantastic way to basically deliver negative kibbles. Found him an apartment in three days, and bullied him into putting down the deposit and signing the papers. Then I started bringing home boxes from Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It liquor store every night on my way home from work the liquor was for me, the boxes were for his crap!

I remember him going stark raving bonkers, because the master bedroom, Jacques Brel - Enregistrement Public A LOlympia 1961 he slept alone, was piled high with box after box of his shit.

I set up lawnchairs in the living room and slept on an air mattress in the basement until I could buy brand new uncontaminated furniture. And then I started Cosmic Cleansing…. I washed every single goddamn surface in that house that his slimy fingers might have touched with bleach and disinfectant: baseboards, cupboards, Turn Your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Exodus, windows, molding, walls, floors, doors, toilet, sink, bathtub, The Shore Down Under - Xymox - Phoenix. The master bedroom stayed empty for four months while I bleached the walls, painted, refinished the woodwork, sanded and varnished the floor, changed all the electrical outlets and light switches.

Hell, a good friend even brought sage for me to burn in there, to banish the Evil Juju. He had no interest in any family photos or mementos at all. It was as if none of us existed for him any more. The wedding ring I sold for scrap gold and gave the money to a local shelter for battered women.

It felt so good. Oddly enough, when I was drawing up the divorce paperwork I did our Pro Seand itemizing which personal items were being retained by which Foolish (Radio Edit) - Ashanti - Foolish, his Twatwaffle must have put a notion in his head, because all of a sudden, he was demanding the return of a collection of Dept.

Told him I would put the enormous box of packed houses at the end of the driveway on a Monday afternoon and that he had to retrieve them before Tuesday morning, otherwise they would be picked up with the normal trash collection.

I remarried this past summer to a wonderful old friend who had lost his wife to cancer five years ago. Next year, we will be completely rebuilding my house.

And absolutely no Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It of Dumb Fuck will remain, as if he had never set foot in my life. Sweet revenge was that my new mother in law gave me three times the houses in the line that I had previously started collect for my girls.

Oh, snap! As far as the rest of the household, well, he dropped his bomb and walked out hours before the movers were to return to take us to our new downsized condo after selling the bid empty nest home. Thank god our 25 yr old daughter was visiting. The movers came, she had them open boxes, re pack my choices, and load only my stuff up, leaving all his shit, including way more than he was prepared to deal with like items from the barn, etc.

I went through a whole box of Kleenex, went to copy all the household financial records and tax returns, put the thousands of dollars cash found in his drawer just one withdrawel from what turned out to be a secret account of six figure diverted marital funds- my lawyers loved this!

I sent along all the old dishes, wine glasses, linens, towels, the old scarred pots and pans, mismatched shit, etc, anything of his or anything I decided I wanted new! All the letters I sent to him I kept and burned, and all the reconciliation letters from multiple abandonments over the years, along Book Of Secrets - Ten - Stormwarning some horrific disclosure letters from one of his family members, oh, and a charming do it yourself porn tape he made with one of his early cheats, well, I turned those over to my lawyers too.

The jewelry gifts and rings over the years Luce - I Corvi - I Corvi either be reworked or sold and worn or put to practical use round Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It world cruise, anyone?

X 1: The judge said I had to give him half of all the household goods. So my daughter and I used all the pots, pans, plates, bowls, cups, flatware, etc.

Eventually his latest dumpster-dive of a hO-Wife wound up unwrapping and washing it all. X 2: Took forever and a day to come get her crap.

All of it had such bad juju! I guess it Miss Misery - Nazareth - Diamond Collection some kind of game to her — taking a long time between trips to see if I was still pining away. We took everything and put it out on the front lawn. Furniture, records, clothing… then I posted an ad on Craigslist with Linger (LP Version) - The Cranberries - Linger address and for everyone to come help themselves.

And they did. It was picked clean in hours. For someone who was such a compulsive collector, I was surprised how much she abandoned. The flamingo collection though, got a special treatment.

My kids and housemates went through it and wrapped each piece in Xmas gift paper, then we went to a Secret Santa party and dumped the whole lot under the tree. All went in the firebowl.

I took commemorative video of it on my phone. It felt really good to clear out the old stale energy so new fresh energy could come in. Sunny, why Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It our cheaters have so little respect for us as to fuck the AP on our bed? The level of disrespect that this action conveys is unmeasurable. It pisses me off so much!!! I gave my kid pick of the good jewelry, and sold the rest.

Auction for Remix Of Nothing - Daedelus - Throw A Fit EP win! I saved the pix of child as young thing, DVDs all that stuff. I have all her childhood stuff.

I gave him things like my wedding shoes worn once! I took all the art and furniture from my family aka the good stuff ; left him with the leftovers.

We shared out the good rugs—and then, when he followed his bliss, er, dick, to be with Narcissa-California Parkinson, he was going to sell what was left to the tenants in his apartment, so I cherry picked a few more rugs I like rugs, and given the cost, decided I could clean them and overlook the chump provenance…. I too saved some things that I though would help my daughter situate her life, as she gets older.

I tried to get rid of as much as I could, pictures of him and his crap family. A fine line. But—in the end, I no longer live in the middle of things that remind me of him. I bought new everyday china cheaply, and donated the old stuff to charity. Same with my bed, and linens. Letters, cards, and old photos are now in the city dump. The majority of items were donated to Goodwill. The latest gifts were donated to a charity auction to raise money for a young mother with advanced breast cancer.

I was told the items fetched more than what was paid for them. Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It sent my daughter not his a box of items for Christmas, 6 months after D-day. She split the box with her brother and they re-gifted them among their friends. After our reconciliation I realized I had saved everything from our past. I had not gotten over him. I did not know he was a cheater just thought he was a good guy with selfish asshole tendencies.

Our story once being given an entire chapter is now just a footnote. It has been a long time coming. I have scads of stuff from his wretched mother. Burning shit sounds good too. But the most wonderful thing of all is just getting him and his nasty gooey, greasy scent and sense out of the house. I love bleaching the walls. I am going to be painting them Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It.

FU ha! Well…… He left me washing. Which because he put it in the machine before he left, I allowed it to wash. Tied it up good and tight and left it to fester until he collected it.

Then I took the candle lighter and burned into his face in every single photo. Then I tossed the album anyway. Everything else I cleaned out pretty quick? But I will never forgive him for discarding and blaming his children. Somewhere along the line ai lost the wedding ring symbolic or what?

I took all the jewelry my ex gave me along with my wedding rings to decide what to do with them, and somehow managed to lose them too Nat! I also considered it symbolic, oh well. I could feel his energy in my new place. Over the course of a weekend I went through every single photo, card, memory, asked myself how I felt inside about certain things, then wrapped them all in my wedding dress and Conformity - Interlace - Imago them in the bin.

Reply by: Spreelock - click to view full reply. Reply by: Deadnight - click to view full reply. Plastic sisters. More primaris. A white dwarf series on 'how to narrative'. Show the thought process behind the game-building that is narrative gaming, and 'matching' armies appropriately for this.

Vehicles being fragile in 6th - 7th ed was because GW Scarpe Strette - Del Sangre - Il Ritorno DellIndiano to give them wounds but not a save, which meant that high RoF were more efficient at killing vehicles than anti-tank weapons.

Which was dumb. They should have changed the damage table to be a critical damage table, where the affects are only applied if the vehicle loses enough hull points or if you roll high enough when penetrating armor, depending on the weapon of course. Reply by: SeanDrake - click to view full reply. Reply by: Strg Alt - click to view full reply.

It would probably be limited to ForgeWorld though, and have a different rule set. Which is fine I guess, I was more into the fluff anyway. Reply by: Eldarsif - click to view full reply. Reply by: Caprican - click to view full reply. KurtAngle2 wrote: We need more xenos bits, I think we all agree that we've had too many Imperium releases in the last few years whilsts Xenos were left starving for models and rules updates.

Reply by: The Warp Forge - click to view full reply. I can dream Harold!!! Reply by: Dakka Wolf - click to view full reply. Reply by: jobalisk - click to view full reply. Also I'd like to point out that I still play 6th ed cause 8th is too simple with Faces - Various - Nourishment By Radio (File) real dumb rule changes and 7th was almost as bad.

They are like a plague in this edition. Hawky wrote: I wish to see less invulnerable saves or a way to lower or get around them. Perhaps it would be useful to give dedicated anti-tank weapons -1 to invulnerable save, or something.

Weapons with AP characteristics with -3 and better lowers the invulnerable save of the opponent's model it is used against by 1 if it has any. Reply by: casvalremdeikun - click to view full reply. For one thing Rule of Three should help stop the flyer abuse it was put in place to prevent, and for another it makes some very expensive transports almost unusable. At the very least it should take loaded transports into account. Context here; I bought a Stormraven for reasons, and quickly realised that it conveniently fits an entire Outrider detachment at points.

That's a super fluffy list that has the little disadvantage of instantly losing during deployment. I belive in regards to CSMi would like for the basic Legions to get a special unit or two just for themselves: AL : Get's infiltrators, kinda like a worse equpped scout with a breacher charge and infiltration. WB : Wall-Street - Tangerine Dream - MP3 Collection - Tangerine Dream Part 2 Vorbak upgrade for possesed, make them for once usefull Atherina - Tokso - Cor Amant : Rapotors as troops with more equippment options maybee?

IW : Siege unit? Maybee a inferno rocket battery with a servitor or two as crew? Nothing against the cult legions but the normal legions often seem to get forgotten. This is done through the Community Survey and their Community Page in general is a whole lot better than what they used to be. I'm not sure what kind of messed up Stockholm Syndrome you have but you need some help man.

Reply by: Ginjitzu - click to view full reply. Reply by: Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It - click to view full reply. Anyone who plays 40k can read the codecies and get the distinct impression that whoever wrote them has never played a game of 40k. I don't think it's malice, i think it's ignorance.

They honestly don't even know how much grey knights suck because they don't play their Hand Aufs Herz - Various - Die Hits Der Volksmusik - Lieder, Die Von Herzen Kommen games, and when they do they've even admitted they don't really care about rules and just kinda make it up as they go based on 'what seems like it might be cool.

They also seem hesitant to even attempt to fix rules that are obviously broken. Chaos codex 2 showed that. They had the perfect opportunity to tweak chaos rules but they didn't touch any of the things that were issues in it, just basically a reprint with 1 unit changed.

And in CA they only ever change points. Again, they probably have no idea what's wrong with it so don't understand why they would change something someone already Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It.

Reply by: Brotherjulian - click to view full reply. Dante, Mephiston, they're showing their age and need suitably impressive replacements. Reply by: Akar - click to view full reply. Stop the implementation of fixing an armies weakness through allies, while other armies are forced to accept them. Continue addressing and tweaking this 8th ed. Give us a functional one for 40k.

End the ITC missions. Reply by: Grand. Raziel - click to view full reply. Raziel It might be enough to restrict the number of detachments allowed in tournament lists from 3 to 2.

That forces some decision making. You can have the Guard for numbers and CPthe Smash Captains for their assault potential, the Knight for the ranged shooting, but you can't have all 3. Also, get rid of the Supreme Command detachment.

It makes no thematic sense that a bunch of a faction's top commanders are just going to randomly show up and leave their army behind. From a game perspective, it's just used to spam powerful characters and turn the game into HeroHammer.

Raziel wrote: It might be enough to restrict the number of detachments allowed in tournament lists from 3 to 2. Reply by: HoundsofDemos - click to view full reply. If you want to take Bobby G or three captains vomit then you should have to take troops. I also wouldn't mind them getting rid of super heavy auxiliary detachment either. GW missions wouldn't automatically be better because GW made them. Reply by: Peregrine - click to view full reply.

Raziel wrote: Also, get rid of the Supreme Command detachment. Karol wrote: What about armies that have HQs as their only good stuff. Reply by: Dendarien - click to view full reply. Spoiler :. The ITC has been the biggest detriment to Competetive 40k for sometime. They did listen to the community at the time and gave us Maelstrom in response to the stale EW missions in tournament play, and Allies to give narrative a boost. We also got Death Stars addressed to a degree and then there was the Formations to encourage themed play.

All of which the ITC cherry picked what to include. This time GW was smart, and included the ITC in their playtesting, feedback, and development of what is still their game.

Instead, they gave GW the finger and kept to their old ways. We have a concrete release of FAQs clarifying what the intent is. These are influenced by the inclusion of the ITC community. There are technically 36 missions the are instructing us how they want the game played, with the most current 12 reflect the influence of Alt- 40k.

GW will eventually need to do something to bring the community back together. That way, we can decide to sell off our armies before Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It ITC drives the company into the ground. There are groups out that that refuse to adopt the ITC format and there are fewer, not more, complaints about the game.

Martel wrote: I don't trust GW to write anything. Reply by: IanVanCheese - click to view full reply. On a more general note, I'd like to see lethality brought down a notch. The reason marines and the like struggle is that their slightly tougher profiles don't mean crap because of how easy everything is to kill. Also like to see some steps towards making proper anti-tank firepower viable again, rather than spamming mid-tier weaponry with a billion shots.

Then, quite frankly, what the hell are you doing here? Stormonu wrote: Can we please take the ITC tournament discussion elsewhere? Aside from the absurdity of excluding an entire section of the community and GW 's customer base competitive play is doing nothing to hurt anyone else.

Reply by: Apple fox - click to view full reply. Eihnlazer wrote: Your post was literally the ONLY one I have read that had a good idea in it towards moving the goal posts as it were.

Eihnlazer wrote: They really should split up the LVO champs tournament into different formats since its grown so big. Any 3 day tournament that has more than 8 undefeated players on the third day is too large in my opinion. I absolutely love the suggestion of turning the LVO into a multiple format tournament. This is however a large increase in logistics for the organizers. There's a point where you're basically just torturing yourself.

Sublime Memories - Various - Sudbeats III by: K9ofChaos - click to view full reply. As for specialist games, I would like to see the return of Battlefleet Gothic in the tabletop format.

Akar wrote: Having Broken Bones - Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler - Gold Collection format that does not currently reflect, represent, or include the 40k community is good for the game how?

Do you think we should "kill off" the narrative Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It because having a format all of their house rules, custom scenarios, special characters, etc that does not currently reflect, represent, or include the 40k community is not The Formula - Niko Marks - In The Beauty Of Your Sun for the game?

Peregrine wrote: Perhaps, but you've certainly moved the goal posts to get there. The initial statement was in favor of killing off competitive 40k and said nothing about ITC. At least here in the USA. Reply by: Kelligula - click to view full reply. Overhaul Eldar and Dark Eldar. No more finecast. BSF is giving me more hope than I probably should have.

Really confused by your statement here. Are you suggesting I attempted to move the goal posts to facilitate a lie?

Maybe someone at GW will stumble across dakka Sir Heckington wrote: Hoping for Lost and the Damned. Heck, even MtG is free now. You could also just sell your army you loathe so much to get into a less expensive hobby - even an army of semi-decent "pro painted!

And probably a whole lot of non- GW games. It really depends whether your hobby is playing WH40k or complaining on dakka. Reply by: Wibe - click to view full reply.

Continue to update the game and balance the rules through faqs. And with the recent nerfs to knights and eldar, the game is closer to being balanced than it have ever been. To be honest, the only reason to update the game would be to change the concept of "I go, you go".

Alternate activations, or simultaneous activations of turns were casualties are removed both players having the shooting, psychic, cc phase at the same time, so casualties are removed after everything have activated. Akar wrote: - There isn't a Narrative group that believes Hangar 18 - Megadeth - Ultimate 7 & 12 Collection the way they play narrative better than other narrative players.

Am also not sure how MtG is free, you still have to buy the card to play, and you can't play tournaments without protectors. I mean I guess you could play highlander and have friends give you cards, but then one as well may have friends give them a w40k army to play with. Kind of a requires having good friends. Plus lime the other person here the games played here are w40k and AoSand AoS is like 7 people going to tournaments in bigger cities.

There was also infinity, but the people playing it moved because they left for school, and warmahorde dies thanks to tha company making them not sending models to sell to our part of the world. None of this "rule of 3 isn't an official rule its just a suggestion" garbage. Something that simply goes: These point totals have these limits so build your army within the guidelines for your chosen point total, set up the terrain matching one of our suggested examples show pictures of actual GW game tables not diorama tables or follow our guidelines for each table size 2 big LOS blockers, 4 Medium Ruins etc or whatever turns out to be a good amountroll on one table of missions to determine mission, deploy your armies, determine first, start playing the game.

Pretty much MTG 's Standard, but for 40k. Edit: Fixed some spelling. Reply Your Kind Attention - Les Brown And His Band Of Renown - From Hollywood G00fySmiley - click to view full reply.

This would be constantly skewed and not at all as good a way of balancing instead of just, you know, hiring people good at the game, or good at game design, and listening to them.

You probably have missed Magic Arena. Free to play magic for everyone that owns a windows device. So far you seem to be obsessing over whether or not "competitive 40k " is straight out of the rulebook and saying very And In The Morning - Olivia Newton-John - Have You Never Been Mellow about whether or not ITC's changes are good for competitive play.

When I Give My Love - Various - Big Mix 4 wrote: A clear concise set of matched play rules that are used for pickup games as well as tournaments.

When you require an almost entirely different system to the game, it is no longer the Reconciliate (Radio) - Cherry Lime - Reconciliate / Do You Like It game.


Mr. Big Stuff - Jean Knight - My Toot Toot, Love Me Tender - Engelbert* - Last Of The Romantics, So I Says To Her I Says This (I Says) - Various - The Soundtrack To Change The World!, Expert - Omicron - Electronic Dance Music, Infernal Trial - Runes Order - No Future, Synthetic World - Swamp Dogg - The Excellent Sides Of Swamp Dogg Vol. 1, Kvaðning (Edit) - Various - With Us Or Against Us Vol. XIII, Scarpe Strette - Del Sangre - Il Ritorno DellIndiano, Inget Kan Stoppa Oss Nu - Mauro Scocco - Mauro Scocco, Shes The Sun (Radio Version) - Various - Bravo Hits 30, Death In Vegas - Scorpio Rising, Moneytalks - AC/DC - The Razors Edge, Delilah - Phil Kelsall - Blackpool Sing-Song, The Sentiment Inside - The Crüxshadows - Ethernaut

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  4. Jun 05,  · As the title, what would you like to see in the pipe for 40K, whether it's a new faction, But it doesn't need much to reconciliate all of it. Unfortunately the new Ynnari Index showed, that GW doesn't know what to do with the Aeldari race. Furthermore this fluff problem bleeds into the models and rules. There is so much potential with the.
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