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The band's memb… read Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel. Judas Priest are an English heavy metal band formed in West Bromwich in They are frequently ranked as Wasted - Various - Virginvasion 1997 of the gre… read more.

Despite an inno… read more. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. All Things Hyped: Last. Starting from scratch with Alexander 23 Last. Play track. Love this track.

More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading. Thursday 25 July Friday 26 July Saturday 27 July Sunday 28 July Monday 29 July Tuesday 30 July Wednesday 31 July Thursday 1 August Friday 2 August Saturday 3 August Sunday 4 August Monday 5 August Tuesday 6 August Wednesday 7 August Thursday 8 August Friday 9 August Saturday 10 August Sunday 11 August Monday 12 August Tuesday 13 August Wednesday 14 August Thursday 15 August Friday 16 August Saturday 17 August Sunday 18 August Monday 19 August Tuesday 20 August Wednesday 21 August Thursday 22 August Friday 23 August Saturday 24 August Sunday 25 August Monday 26 August Tuesday 27 August Wednesday 28 August Thursday 29 August Friday 30 August Saturday 31 August Sunday 1 September Monday 2 September Tuesday 3 September Wednesday 4 September Thursday 5 September Friday 6 September Saturday 7 September Still though, this has got to be the most generic and bland album they've done.

This is, for the most part, 1st grade heavy metal. Also for a good chunk of this it's not even heavy metal, it's just bland-ass hard rock. It doesn't get a whole lot of listens because this really isn't all that groundbreaking. Considering what Priest have done before and what another at the time way more obscure heavy metal band was doing: Iron Maiden. This is the album that got Priest famous, but that was simply because they became way more accessible on British Steel.

Frankly, I'd bet that most people are hard-pressed to come up with a single Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel Priest song other than Breaking the Law. Suffice it to say, no instrument shines here. Halford delivers, and I will never call Rob Halford a bad singer, but you won't see his stunning range or piercing high end here. Here he gives a mostly mid-ranged performance.

The guitars, bass, and drums are no different. It's not bad in any sense, just really less special than albums like Screaming for Vengeance or Stained Class. Either way, Ninna-Nanna (Voci Femminili - Cinquefrondi 1954) - Various - Folklore Musicale Italiano Vol. 2 - Reg Priest have a whole catalog of better albums than this.

If you're new to Priest, do not be deceived, you should definitely start elsewhere. The two other albums I mentioned would be a good place. British Steel, unfortunately, is not. British Steel is not an album requiring much introduction, since it's one of the most popular of Judas Priest's outings and one of the better known in all of the heavy metal spectrum. The Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel legends had already built up a staggering momentum by the time struck, and this put them Somethin Going On - Rick Moses - Face The Music over the top into the living rooms and tape decks of enthusiasts the world, and many galaxies over.

I've met extra-terrestrials from far down the nearest Spiral Arm who have this on their. Seriously, if you've not heard "Breaking the Law" by now then you're either three years old and under in which case you've probably STILL been exposed to it, just not retained the chorusor you're from some undiscovered tribe of aboriginals on some uncharted island who worship overhead air traffic as deities; in which case I should not be addressing 'you' in the second-person since it's unlikely you have the Intertrons.

And it makes sense: British Steel is a more commercial venture, not unlike Hell Bent for Leather before it, only far better written. This album is a veritable hit machine, built for radio without abandoning the whole heaviness of the chords and distinctive screaming that got them to that point. Hell, a live version of pretty much the entire album was available to download and play in Rock Band. I have family members two generations removed that know "Living After Midnight".

Despite this level of saturation, though, I would find it dishonest to qualify British Steel as one of my very favorites from the band.

Essential to own? For the most part. But I've long felt that there were a few chinks in its armor which brokered the album's dominion from an empire to a fiefdom. A killer fiefdom that hosts a large range of jousts and events, mind you, but it couldn't win a war with its more stunning and grandiose siblings like Stained Class, Sin After Sin, Screaming for Vengeance or Painkiller.

I've already mentioned "Breaking the Law", and where would we be without it? The vocal patterns are so pristine that they truly feel as if they've been engraved into the razor blade on the cover along with the logo and album title.

The melodic lead-in guitar Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel is a thing of legend, learned by hundreds of thousands of aspiring six-stringers, and the chugging aggression of the chorus is enough to start a riot in any crowd of inebriated or even sober witnesses. Not to mention Cloud Nine - Temptations* - Greatest Hits II atmosphere on the vocals, and the fact that the whole tune clocks in at around 2 and a half minutes.

Concise and mother fucking immortal. The forceful, airy power metal staple "Rapid Fire" which has been emulated to precision in Porwany Obłędem - Kat - Metal Box (All Media, Album, Album) of cases; the mid-paced stadium anthem "Metal Gods" with its burly chords and laconic but hooky chorus; the dark grooves of "Grinder" and highway ready "Steeler", Ich Bin Der Haß - Peter Maffay - Die Story of which would spawn bands using the titles as monikers as other Priest songs had done in the past.

So what's my hangup? The rest of the album. I can forgive "The Rage" for its reggae-like introduction since the chords in the verse swagger with a particular degree of bad-assery, and I enjoy the flecks of rust Rob Halford places on the vocal lines. But the arena anthem "United", despite its cheesy melodic chorus, simply does not stand out to memory, paling in comparison to "Metal Gods" from the very same album, and suffering from a pretty generic guitar riff even for Not sure why this was chosen for a single.

As for "Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise", I would not have even remembered the song was on British Steel were I not listening again to review it, a pretty bare bones hard rock track without much appeal to the chorus, though it certainly feels classic Priest in its execution.

All things considered, neither of these is necessarily a 'bad' song, just painfully average and overshadowed by the many great tracks that would catapult the band even further into the collective metal conscience. Another slight nuisance Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel the lack of devastating leads. A lot of the songs have them, but they get lost in the shuffle and often feel more atmospheric than impressive, even in the bigger numbers.

Production is good and dry, clean and appropriate for the mainstream steamrolling that the album would take straight to the bank, but perhaps not one of their best in terms of driving the songs into my noggin.

This was the first album with new drummer Dave Holland, who would remain with Priest for six studio efforts before Scott Travis came in for Painkiller, but his output isn't all that 3.

Allegro (Danza Pastorale) - Vivaldi*, I Musici, Felix Ayo* - Le Quattro Stagioni = The Four Seaso here. Capable and dependable, like most of the albums he would appear on, and certainly heavy enough to add some ballast to the riffing, but not Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel the powerhouse equivalent of his successor. Ian Hill's bass is present, but Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel exemplary and I feel it does get lost under the dry, ruddy industrial strength sheen of the chords; while Halford is his normal self, but he's not executing the same screaming and variation that he manifests on earlier and later works.

Lyrically, too, this was never one of their most interesting records, especially tracks like "United" which have the poignancy of a kindergartner reciting the Pledge of Allegiance while privately thinking how he's going to stealth a few hours on Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel dad's XBOX later that evening. In the end, though, the songs really win out here.

At least six of them, and British Steel earns its keep despite the sagging, unremarkable middle cuts. Certainly the first 15 minutes of the album are comparable in quality to nearly anything else in their catalog, and its logical that this would be one of their better sellers in England and the States. Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel promoted, and not surprisingly, defined as a major milestone in the genre due to its success and the utter stickiness of some of the songs.

Well, in that case British Steel should go down well with you, since aside from a change of drummer the album is pretty much a refinement and polishing of the general approach of that album. There's the tedious attempt at a football chant that would have been better off removed from the album United, taking the place of the predecessor's Take On the Worldthere's the kickass pop-metal fast tracks Breaking the Law, Living After Midnight and the occasional nod to the style of Sin After Sin or Stained Class The Rage, Steeler.

On the whole, the band are on good form, new drummer Dave Holland integrating well Adoration - Avenger - Prayers Of Steel their sound and Rob Halford giving enthusiastic vocal performances as always.

Musically speaking, however, the album Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel a bit less varied than Killing Machine, which had the groovey as hell title track and the intriguing ballad Evening Star to break things up a bit. Still, it's an accessible and very listenable album which will appeal to a broad range of listeners, though aside from the classic Breaking the Law I wouldn't put many pieces of here on my personal Priest "best of" list - a lot of them are rather interchangeable.

The bottom Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel is this: if you want a Priest album where every single song is distinctive, original, packed with personality and an inspiration to legions of metal bands following it, then go for Sin After Sin, or Stained Class, or Sad Wings of Destiny - well, in fact any Priest album whose title starts with S is a good one. If you want a Priest album which kept the band Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel against the NWOBHM scallywags who were starting to challenge them on their own turf but doesn't exactly break a whole lot of new ground compared to its predecessors, British Steel's got your back.

Y'know I'm really starting to think that as long as the band doesn't go groove metal, a heavy metal band selling out and just trying to record the catchiest thing possible is actually a very good thing!

Judas Priest's release is firmly in the camp of "excellent rocky sell out", a quick streamlining of the previous formula; a natural progression that's been executed well and doesn't sound forced, and some crisp, clean production giving the whole thing a radio-friendly sheen.

I like most of Priest's work but I've generally found that they're at their best when they go for the shorter song- Nostradamus being good proof of this. Here's it's all short and it's all gold - yes, I am a fan of United, in all of it's cheesy, desperate attempt at sing-a-long glory- and the end result is a good-to-excellent selection of heavy metal tunes.

Downing and Tipton are in great form throughout, and I find Floyds Guitar Blues - Muddy Waters Blues Band - The Warsaw Session 1 riffing in particular to be really first-class. Breaking the Law's a good enough example of what's on offer- an intro riff that will stay in your head for years, short and catchy verse and chorus sections, and a bridge Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel dispenses with any progressive pretensions and keeps you interested until the chorus comes back in.

The formula is repeated over and over again with varying amounts of success Living After Midnight and Rapid Fire being keepers, You don't have to be old and Steeler, not so much but overall it works, and even when Priest shrug off the restraint and go for the unabashed, completely undignified sing along that's United it's still catchy and short enough to be inoffensive and effective.

This certainly isn't an album that's for sitting in the lotus position, with headphones in a darkened room. An in-depth listening is more liable to make you realise that the slower tunes plod along fairly heavily, that most of the songs lack any really concrete climax or progression, and that some more solos would've been welcome.

However, putting this on in the car, or at a party will get you singing along extremely vigorously Rapid Fire and The Rage in particular must be responsible for a very large amount of car crashes over the years and it seems that's what Judas Priest wanted to achieve with this. There's not really much else to say here.

The aim, as far as I can tell, was to make a short, catchy album and that aim was achieved. It seems that everyone had a fairly good time doing it- the Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel has a fair bit of energy and in various interviews Downing, Tipton and Halford named this as their favourite JP record. It's a fun record that will get you head banging and pretty much appeals to everyone. Judas Priest is one of the most famous metal bands, a lot of people consider it to be one of the best metal bands ever Are they right?

Of course! British Steel is one of Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel most famous metal albums, a lot of people consider it to be one of the best metal albums ever In my opinion, they aren't. Personally, I consider this album to be one of Priest's worst and one of the weakest famous metal albums. Besides, I don't really consider it to be a metal album, it sounds more like hard rock to say the truth.

This album is extremely overrated. I can't believe that Priest went from awesome albums like Stained Class to this only 2 years later They went from awesome metal songs with great riffs to simple hard rock songs with average riffs. I fail to understand why so many people consider it to be Priest's best album. My guess is that most of those people prefer 80's mainstream hard rock over 80's metal.

The bad: The songs on this album are so ridiculously simple Most Please - Lilu - C/A them have only 4 riffs in total and those riffs are nothing special compared to most of Priest's riffs from the 70's.

Ok, there's nothing wrong with simple songs, but the songs aren't only simple, they're also nothing special or in other words, they aren't like most of Priest songs from the 70's. Breaking The Law is so Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British SteelI used to like it, but I got bored of it fast Some people think that it has an awesome chorus, but what's so awesome about it exactly? Its one of the least melodic choruses ever!

Just say 'breaking the law' 8 times and you have the chorus. Living After Midnight is pretty catchy, but its just a generic and cheesy rock song Ok, I guess that it wasn't generic in the 80's, but its just Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel very average song. United has a catchy chorus, but that's it. Did I mention that this album has some of Priest's weakest solos? Now I did. I guess that I should also mention that its one of their least melodic albums.

The good: The best song on the album is definitely The Rage. Its actually a great song, it has a cool intro, a great main riff the best riff on the album and the verses are pretty catchy the best verses on the album. Rapid Fire, Metal Gods and Grinder aren't bad either, but damn, they're really nothing special, they're really simple, there's nothing really original about them and they Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel anywhere near as good as most of Priest's songs from the 70's.

I know that I'm repetitive with that, but it has to be said. There's nothing Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel bad on this album, but there's nothing awesome either, its just very average overall. Now, I have a question Ok, I understand if you're a fan of 80's mainstream hard rock, but otherwise I don't.

This album was nothing more than an attempt at becoming more famous. Thank god that Priest redeemed themselves with Screaming For Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel. Even Turbo is better than this album. Do I recommend it? Well, I guess that most of the people who look at this site have already heard it, but if you Pimp - Dina Rae - The Dina Rae Show, I don't recommend it, but I can't really tell you to avoid it because a lot of people like it, so maybe you'll like it.

So now, we come to the album that put Judas Priest on the map, a band that has already trudged the murkiest of waters and paid their dues for twelve years finally gets their just dues. That story is a commonly told one in the entertainment business it is heart-warming and humorous. Nevertheless, with popularity always comes debts, and a band is always bound to piss off some fans whenever they Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel a substantial amount of success.

What does this have to do with British Steel? Everything if the majority of people had any sense of music, credibility just about everyone would put British Steel right where it belongs, at the very top of any metal list. What Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel this album apart from the loads Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel highly overrated material is the fact that the band never changed their original sound to achieve success.

Therefore, so what if the album does not sound like Stained Class it is not supposed to, it is supposed to sound like British Steel. The bottom line is one should expect such large Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel since this album appeals to a much broader scope of people. That is up for the individual listener, but I can sympathize with one little fact they often mention, the better songs on BS are sadly overlooked for the lesser ones, but such is life.

There is Cast No Shadow (Acoustic, Noel) - Oasis - Oasis different track listing depending on which Rapid Fire - Judas Priest - British Steel you buy but the version I am reviewing is the commonly known, beginning with Breaking The Law on side one and You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise on side two.

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  1. May 27,  · Music video by Judas Priest performing Rapid Fire. (C) Sony Music Entertainment.
  2. Judas Priest may have been in rather a conundrum at the time they were writing and recording British Steel. It seems that the more explorative phase of the mid-'70s was passing and a determination to write tighter, more focused songs led the band to strip back their sound.
  3. album: "British Steel" () 1. Breaking The Law 2. Rapid Fire 3. Metal Gods 4. Grinder 5. United 6. Living After Midnight 7. You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise 8. The Rage 9. Steeler Red, White And Blue Grinder (Live).
  4. Rapid Fire Lyrics: Pounding the world like a battering ram / Forging the furnace for the final grand slam / Chopping away at the source soon the course will be done / Leaving a trail of destruction.
  5. Judas Priest - Rapid Fire by Tony Annihilator. Judas Priest - Metal Gods by Tony Annihilator. Judas Priest - Grinder by Tony Annihilator. Judas Priest - British Steel full album Tony Annihilator; 9 videos; , views; Last updated on Dec 10, ; Play all Share. Loading Save. Sign in to YouTube.
  6. This remastering of that album does it justice and reminds all listeners new and old that Judas Priest is one of the most important bands not only in heavy metal, but in music as a whole. From the blasts of "Rapid Fire" to the addictive hooks of "Breaking the Law" and "Living After Midnight," "British Steel" has no filler whatsover/5.
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  8. Judas Priest Lyrics "Rapid Fire" Pounding the world like a battering ram Forging the furnace for the final grand slam Chopping away at the source soon the course will be done "British Steel" () Breaking The Law. Rapid Fire. Metal Gods. Grinder. United. Living After Midnight.
  9. Watch the video for Rapid Fire from Judas Priest's British Steel for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Watch the video for Rapid Fire from Judas Priest's British Steel for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Playing via Spotify Playing via YouTube.
  10. Listen free to Judas Priest – British Steel (Breaking the Law, Rapid Fire and more). 9 tracks (). British Steel is the sixth album by British heavy metal band Judas Priest, released on 14 April

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