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Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Ensemble? Claudio Arrau? Les Adieux Op. Faure Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley Franz Schubert - Maurizio Pollini? Sonates pour Violon. Golden Classical Cochaikovsky, Piano Concerto no. Lovro Von Matacic? Heitor Villa-Lobos? Johann Sebastian Bach? Mozart - Alfred Brendel - Academy of St. So, to gather up our new momentum on this re-bound from the rim and limits of the uni-verse, let us speak again biologically to the life in the spirit on this Earth.

Thank you, mother, for teaching me to pray. And thank you, father, for giving your life so that I might live mine. And in an illusion related to the shape of your eye, the more you stare, the more vivid the circles become. How much of what you "see" and "hear" is real?

Does your mind compound illusions that begin Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley your body? And what role does your spirit play? The Language Crystal answers these questions. And as you begin to use its messages, when you read between the lines of everday interactions, you will in fact call forth the next phase of reality. For the shape that things are in today can be changed by that creative power eternally beginning in "the Word.

I should have stopped to correct him. And besides, I figured, I knew what John meant. John was "dyslexic. When the specialists consulted with me, one whispered that John had "brain damage. For they were the ranking "professionals. Once when sprawled on the classroom floor, John was tending to a cut-out cardboard boy that I had traced around him with orange chalk. His dyslexic speech was a gift. You see, the linguistic specialists who continue to drug young children like John are in for a surprise.

For dyslexia holds the answer to an age-old mystery. And John was speaking with an innate knowledge of the Language Crystal Code. He confused the sound of "R" with the sound of "L. He drew smiling green mouth and said the word "cown" again making red stripes on the white cardboard pants. He added a bright red nose. And we laughed. John colored the shirt with a broken blue crayon leaving awkward spaces for what he called "the stahs.

You need not be religious or even believe in the Bible to use this metaphor. But one question answered by the Language Crystal is: What "evil" did Adam and Eve eat in the garden?

In answering this question the Crystal tells us how a language that was once whole got broken into pieces. Obviously, other species whales and dolphins are examples have their own languages. And human primates also have one. In English imp, wimp, pimp, simp, gimp, shrimp, blimp, skrimp, crimp, and primp suggest irregular aspects. Are there any one syllable "imp" words that do not? Do some sounds carry built-in meanings?

Not all words containing similar sounds have similar meanings. But our every science begins by following meaningful patterns that already exist. He took a scrap of cardboard and made a hat for the figure, saying "cown" again, working in yellow and orange. His delicate hands pressed the blunted sissors. He cut four angular peaks on the golden hat. In a flash of childish zen, John caught my eye.

We knew that we knew. He had a crown of cardboard to place upon his cardboard clown. I had no idea that his mystical message could turn the idea of M war" into something brilliantly new.

Only in English language of the Angles can this puzzle be resolved. This scrap of scribbled paper from my early notes might give you a hint of how the puzzle could have Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley me mad if I had let it. At first, the pieces made little sense.

Yet, in time, the code was clear. And only in written forms can the exchange of these sounds be codified. But the "specialists" ignored linguistic history. In fact, we have gradations between the sounds we label R and L. But children who have less rigid ideas of how letters ought to be pronounced are often punished for their "con-fusion. These "symptoms" are natural patterns in sight and speech as demonstrated in later chapters.

R-L confusions and reading backwards do Symphony No.

3 In C Op. 48 - Various - British Symphonies than link two functions in the brain. The right brain is credited with processing music and art, the left brain with spoken and written words. But scientists who tried to figure out the brain with no reference to the mind had lost their sense of spirit and thus forgotten why they had asked any questions in the first place.

To answer we are building a democracy of soul wherein logic and intuition have an equal vote, so knowledge, belief, and spirit can work together to determine our course of action. But before Free Stroll - Masabumi Kikuchi, James Genus, Victor Jones - Feel You try to imagine the future, let us gain a distance from the old historic meanings of our words.

And the name of the star was Wormwood [Chernobyl]: and the third part of the waters became wormwood. Many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter" Rev. Or numerology? Or names? Or some power that would bring all these together? At that 18th summit, it was agreed that no later than 18 months after the treaty went into effect, all shorter range missiles would be eliminated. And Cherno-byl was enclosed by an mile safety zone.

Sounds heavy! But once the pattern is grasped, other "mystical" pieces begin to make sense. And kaballah is a Hebrew word for "to receive. Remember, it matters not if you "believe" in the Bible. The puzzle will work itself out for you even when you see it only as metaphor. It is written that Jesus began teaching at the age of 12, spent 18 years in esoteric study, went back to public life at 30, died at 33, to arise on the 3rd day.

And these numbers link Jesus to the crystallizing patterns of kabbalah. On Friday, 18 minutes before sundown, candles are lit in a Jewish home. And the Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley process of making matzoth takes 18 minutes to place the sacrificial unlevened bread on a kosher table. So, 18 gives that bread a mystical meaning. What do lighting candles and baking bread have to do with nuclear explosions and missions in space?

This question is answered at the core of the Language Crystal. Why was the bread of Hebrew tradition made a centerpiece of Christianity? The Language Crystal is a reflection of our own biological reality. So it actually tells us what we need to know for our own future evolution.

The human animal is different from all other Earthly biology in that we have control of fire. And fire gives Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley Language Crystal its eternal light.

So, the words "technology" and "techno" as used herein, refer to human use of fire in any applicationnot to the power of other animals to technically change their environment. This is a most important distinction. With fire, we have access to outer space. But with fire, we also have become irrational animals. For we needed the "un-conscious mind" to store our Bridge Song - Klear - Makin Noise fear of the flame.

Our personal names and names we give to places are abstractions. The numbers we use are also abstract. And the miracle is that these abstractions have encoded an ancient anatomical, biological law. Face to face with the meanings of our words, we can re-deem our environment.

And when we deem the change worthwhile, we can pass through the seam of our spiritual differences. Values that divide us can be re-valued. For when we wish, we can re-cycle our very own souls. We thought of an atom as mostly space; within were particles. Between one atom and the next was space. And the spaces between atoms were joined to the space within all atoms. This atomy picture also applies to spirit. For our most recent view is one in which force fields interact. The parts are not parted or trapped.

They are fluid. And still they obey the law of the uni-verse, as we shall see. Your personal anatomy meaning M not-atomy" is not centered in its atoms. Your "center" joins the physical to the meta-physical. And forces of the physical work within powers of the meta-physical to determine the course of your an-atomy. Not only is this true for humans the animals capable of space travelit applies to groups of humans who give names to their group spirits.

The Crystal tells us that we have invested spirit forces in the names that we have chosen for our groups. But I did not set out to build these themes, I simply discovered them in the words. Like the many rays of light that go to make Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley a holographic picture, our words can be refracted or refocused. Thus, an image can be changed. We can heal ourselves through our ability to communicate. And our feeling for words can re-create our an-atomy when our center is living in "the Word.

My young friend John was, in fact, "emotionally disturbed. To be true to himself, John had to live his poetry even though its logic was not true to school bells, clocks, overstuffed lunches, and "remedial" classrooms with locked doors.

John had dyslexiameaning "bad-word" from the Greek dys and Latin lex. He confused the sound of R with that of L, as dyslexics tend to do.

But we shall see that in the R-L pattern is a "good-word," a message that is necessary to our survival on the Planet Earth. The word Jeru-salem literally means "possession of peace. The R and L re-present 18 and 12 respectively in the English alphabet. And this is the base of our mystery. In every language, hopes are bounced off the ionosphere.

When you wish upon a star, not every wave that encodes your thought gets through. Some waves are bound to rebound off the ionosphere.

And thought waves electronic waves that escape will travel on forever merging into other waves. So, most important is the wish bouncing off the rim of the universe. And in this Space Age, "the Word" is, at long last, coming home. Hyphens are ONLY at meaningful junctures. Also, no paragraphs run from one page to the next. And each page has a new heading. And "we," "us," and "our" refer either Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley all humanity, all spirits, or all biology, not to any nations, political groups, or so-called "races.

And other uses of capitalization are also meaningful. Also, although pages may differ in length, no empty or half-empty pages are included with the text. Many layers of meaning are squeezed together — poetic and factual - so that their logic and poetry may be seen as one.

And it may seem to the first-time reader that they need not be read in order. Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley as you continue to read, the middle chapters depend on the ideas explored along the way. And a certain "feeling" will begin to emerge.

Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley since phor means "to carry," this metaphor of uni-verse is actually our "space-vehicle" in the spirit. Meta-physically, words that de-scribe science must be born of con-science, the essence of balanced consciousness. The goal is control of fire-technology. And you will have the power to cast this magic "spell" — when you wish. Regan same roots also meant "to rule. But Reagan to rule and Regan to rule came into conflict.

But "Mr. Ruler" lost his "Mr. Overseer" looked the other way. And in trying to re-deem his words, the "ruler" let his secret spells unravel. Poindexter meant "a painer," the poiner who tortured people for the king, plus dextermeaning "right.

And Hahn was a German name that meant "one who lives at the sign of the cock," symbolic of her escapade with Bakker, involving sex and drugged wine. Dukakis meant "to lead," different from "to rule. So, this is Amazing - Sascha* & Ben Liebrand - Summer Dance Hits Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley quest — migration among the stars — the real struggle of "going to Heaven.

Iran "upper class" in Sanskrit has its root in "Aryan. El Salvador means "the Savior. Bread and wine in sacrifice, class-struggles of history, the sweat of labor turned Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley a taste of vinegar on the cross — this puzzle of Je-R-usa-L-em where democracy is still in its infancy is solved within the Crystal. David Stockman, keeper of White House stocksresigned when the Budget crumbled.

And Armacost was Reagan's "point man on Iran," when trying to free the hostages. Arm-a-cost created an illusion of debate. Arms for hostages? And as he wandered through the metaphor, Mr. Watchful never got a chance to testify. The signs of "bread and wine" were set. Quayle in Old English is a past tense of "to quench," to decrease for he immediately decreased the power of Bush.

And in combination with Donna Rice, he lived up to his name. Rice in Welsh meant "ardor, a burning passion. Stag" was photographed on a yacht named "Monkey Business" with "Ms.

Burning Passion" on his knee. His family was back home in "Troublesome Gulch. The Jim "Bakker" sex scandal with "Ms. Sign of the Cock" of "Babylon" would seem trite if not for his political support for Reagan.

Armageddonists fueled not only covert actions directed by the President but also overt Obsidian - Banco De Gaia - Igizeh. And in the 7th year, after their mission faltered, Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6 with six letters in each name began to talk peace 18 days before Christmas with his reflective "Evil Empire.

The ancient He-brew story of "something we ate in the garden" was pressing into our visions. We were about to re-solve the flesh-and-blood human sacrifice on the cross in our metaphor. Re-deemed in the Goddess unveiled, with children at her breast, we are no longer in competition with beastly-childish men. But Reagan is only one of many other men labeled "" to appear in history. We will get to the details of as a symbolic person in a later chapter.

The Iraq-Iran war was pushed to the background in the media as a related tale unfolded. The names and numbers told the story. We have met few of the players. Here are some others in the cast. Secord retired military manbehind the gun-running flights from El Salvador the Savior to Nicaragua Old Nickhad a name that meant "hard victory.

Later, when the Reagan- Regan rule was broken, the victory sign became a lie. Bank accounts and Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley returns pinned the karma of "hard victory" to the Wheel of Bureaucractic Karma. Singlaub, fund raiser for the Contras, preached with fervor, distracting the press from the secret illegal movement of funds. Glauben in German means "to believe.

Meese, the Attorney General who was supposed to prosecute the case, had a name meaning "mouse" in Flemish. He was so mousey about investigating the White House that he himself was investigated. And Mr. Mouse went to the house of Mr. Watchful to have a beer after Mr. But Mr. Watchful, according to Mr.

Mouse, knew nothing of the diverted funds. Had Mr. Rule Regan or Mr. Rule Reagan told Mr. Mouse and Mr. Watchful to play nice? Did the Armageddon players think gun-and-cocaine smuggling between the Savior and Old Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley were means to the end that would fulfill the prophecies?

Was Wasted - Various - Virginvasion 1997. Meese just mousey enough to get the job and clever enough to snatch the forbidden cheese without getting bloodied in the trap? The deeper meanings of these names often told a more complex truth than any press releases. Also, Mr. Meese was not always a mouse. And Poindexter Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley a pleasure rather than a Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley to many of his friends and associates.

It was only in the crystallizing years toward the end of Armageddon that these meanings surged in the puzzle of Je-R-usa-L-em. We were living in a time equal to ancient Biblical days. To fill out the puzzle, I took Nic-ar-agua an Indian name to be a sign of Old Nick the devil on one side, and Aquarius agua on the other.

Giving voice to both its body and spirit, this definition of Nic-ar-agua, I imagined, would join "the Right" to "the Left" of Je-R-usa-L-em once the bridge was crossed to the New Millennium.

The drama yet to unfold in the Americas will set the tone for the future organic democracy that shall bring fruit trees to deserts, globally. This blending of names with symbolic events is not new. Moses means "to draw out. Jesus literally means "savior. But then again, our Casting Director had some sleezy roles for us to play for which Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley understudies or stand-ins could be hired. So, Mr. Carl Channell was a money funnel in the Iranian-Contra deals.

And TV channels got pro-Contra ads paid for by Mr. After tax-evasion charges, Mr. For Mr. Funnel was a friend of Mr. Also, the story went that Mr. Dole, Senate Republican leader, was the official most "on the dole" of Mr.

No more than blame the devil for having a tail, can we blame the USA, Israelis, terrorists, sleeze mongers, or money-grubbing Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley merchants. Each group played its part in our cosmic drama. The CIA agent tortured to death had a name to suit his role as the Iran-gate sacrament. Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley is derived from "bullock," an animal of sacrifice.

And as if by some evil miracle, William Buckley of the CIA was offered up, after being tortured to death. And an Anglican envoy named Waite, who helped spread the lie that the USA would wait while he dealt for hostages with Kuwait, was taken hostage. His game had run its course. But when the hostage issue was no longer a phony question, the weapons continued to roll, winked at by "authorities. Drugs from Nicaragua sold by U. But Christie in this opposition to uncovered the cocaine that was shipped with federal funds as a new sacrificial drug.

As with the bread and wine of old, our real offering was our own human flesh and Delilah - Phil Kelsall - Blackpool Sing-Song. Obviously, man was civilized by woman. But Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley son of man" was a stranger And In The Morning - Olivia Newton-John - Have You Never Been Mellow Earthly terms.

Language, as a civilizing tool, was developed between mother and child at the breast. And I suppose we are called "human" because we hum — "mmmmmm. But the date is not crucial. The order of development, however, puts R in a pivotal position. In Asiatic, mjr meant "man. He murders for a homeland; war is his excuse.

For R is equal to 18, an abstract "life," common to all men. So, what has this to do with the Law of "the New Millennium"? The next five pages of facts will help to lay the groundwork for breaking the Crystal Code that unravels "the New Law. Some people claim this choice was "a sexual act" by Adam and Eve. But was it? Our double meaning for RA relates to the "evil" eaten in the garden of Eden. Broken Bones - Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler - Gold Collection, to uncover the mystery between the R and 18, let us return to our Armageddon metaphor.

But our monkey selves monkey in this context means "humanity before the use of fire" were scared. Under the curse of wormwood, evacuation was 36 hours after the explosion. And even those who cursed "the occult" which simply means "hidden" were shouting from their pulpits about the hidden meanings. Falwell, Robertson, Bakker, and Swaggart in the Armageddon camp said they awaited a Second Coming of "the Word," but denied the roots of their Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso mystery by preaching against kaballah.

And Reagan was influenced by numerology, as we shall see clearly in later chapters. The first official Soviet word about Chernobyl to Congress in the USA was, "Medical Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley is administered to those affected, 18 of whom are in serious condition. Were 18 bombers over Libya also sent to keep the peace? Israel shipped 18 Hawks to Iran in the hostage deal. And North said 18 just Nonsense Spews From My Song Machine - The Three Johns - The Death Of Everything to fit into the cargo carrier.

A Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley chemical plant exploded in a town ofpeople. A trade balance was hoped for, due to an month fall in the dollar. Iraq produced 1. But please do not skip ahead, even if some of the numbers seem tedious at first. The cumulative effect is more than statistical.

Some seem mystical while others are consciously controlled. A Reagan-Gorbachev pact removed more than warheads from their combined arsenals. And "Challenger" suddenly fit our metaphor as the challenge of "" drove "Christa" to her death. The next blast-off was to be February 18, Much energy went to develop Delta Abrahamson pronounced Abram-son said it did not break the ABM treaty. Others said it did and also missed its targets.

Another puzzle piece joins the names Abram and Abraham in our metaphor. But it will take a few more chapters to fit the clues together. And his contra-diction began June 18th, when he said, "America will never make concessions to terrorists. October 18th,he signed Contra aid into law. Surgery for his enlarged prostate was later performed at the time he had a "routine month exam following up his colon cancer surgery.

The truth was, "Project Democracy" began in And the "Three Wise Men" came from Persia; so the metaphor continues as we shall see. The Federal trial of 17 arms merchants dealing Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley Iran fizzled when the USA itself was named as the 18th dealer. Jenco was freed after 18 months. The Contras have 18, troops, said the Christian Science Monitor.

The magic number went unchanged. Before the 18th summit, Reagan dropped his request. The answer lies in our un-conscious. Humanity had mystified itself and murdered its children to feed Various - Roadrunner war machine. She had her child by the way of a miracle.

And the magic came to her after a visit by "Mr. Star" by a man named "Christmas. As I read the names in "the case of Baby M," I shivered at the signs that were edging into the spirit of our universal allegory. Stern was the father of Baby M. But Stern in German meant " Star. Star into the womb of Mary, a Roman Catholic. So, the Romans and the Jews decided to take their miraculous metaphor to court.

The man who arranged for the seed of Mr. The case of Baby M was only one small part in a great linguistic puzzle wherein gold brought by three Wise Men out of Iran to Beth-lehem was to reap its final interest on the Stock Exchange in a fragmented Je-R-usa-L-em. We chant Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley African shamens healing the sick, raising the dead. And we conjure with warlocks of Europe as we are casting spells.

All these magicians and teachers in every land have but one mystical master — "the Word. It is the plan for a Crystal City coming out of the sky. It is in the truth you speak. And Secrecy - Secrecy - IV of all, the Crystal is proof that we are vitally connected when we are living in "the Word," beyond any distant good or evil. The Language Crystal has come to us in our time of utmost need.

Our waters are poisoned, forests are dying, our cities cannot breathe. Baby M was sired by the techno class of Mr. Star, a bio-chemist. Were these two in competition? Mary Beth meant "House of Mary" in Hebrew. But the legal wife of Mr. Star was named Elizabeth which literally meant "God of the Oath. The Infertility Center had its main office in Dearborn. And Baby M was a dear-born miracle. Elizabeth was a pediatrician and a Methodist who planned to raise the child as a Unitarian, lending a strange sense of method to the madness.

These were the real names of real people in a real courtroom drama. Yet, the words had been sent to us as disembodied teachers according to the law of the Language Crystal, a law that when Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley leads to health and happiness and peace. And while driving her to Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley office where his sperm was to Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley placed into her vagina, they had several friendly chats.

So, why did Mr. Stern and Mary Beth stop short of "making love" in some motel along the way or in the back seat of his car? Why indeed! Why did they think it much more moral to have Mr. Stern manipulate his stock into a dish to be scooped up by technicians so "a class of doctors" might impregnate Mary Beth in a Medical Manor? Star and Mary did not make love. For they lived in a surrogate world that had substituted the Tree of Technology for the Tree of Life.

Our Judeo-Christian heritage had left us with a piece of bread and a glass of wine to celebrate the crucifixion of "the Word," a riddle that began in the garden, where no bread was baked nor wine fermented. And Beth-lehem means "House of bread" in Hebrew. Remember, 18 was the number that made the bread into a sacrificial offering. Here is the heart of our transition, linking "life" in the flesh to fire-technology to "life" throughout eternity.

And "the Word" itself was broken in a mystery of the cross that transpired between Christmas and Easter between the day that Mary met Noel and the Easter Sunday when she surrendered her child.

InMary was granted visitation rights on ensuing Easters while "the Stars" got the child on Christmases. Star seemed content that he had carried on the line of his Jewish family that had been murdered by the inhuman Nazis. The surrogate was a substitute for a real, live, flesh-and-blood mother monkey.

But Mary was not a wire-mesh "surrogate. A surrogate father the media-fabricated President ruled the USA. And the surrogate wars of the USA were made possible by a detachment of spirit. For the number of "life" had Celestial - P.O.D.

- Satellite co-opted. And Je-R-usa-L-em was the symbol of a broken global family. So, the mother and father of Baby M carried our taboo against "biological individuality" to a new extreme. We were a race confused about the terms by which our money dreams could fulfill true-to-life biological needs. The word "economy" was used as a surrogate for "finance.

She also got drunk and made a show of herself at the reception. I think you are well rid of this so-called friend. What she did was pretty unforgivable. It Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley like she did all of these things intentionally, perhaps out of jealousy. I think she was looking for a reaction from you, so you were Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley not to give her one.

You may well be wondering how many tenses there are in Spanish and the Let Me Ride - James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon is, absolutely loads.

There are far more tenses than any language could reasonably need and therefore we can often get away with two or three alternatives to say the same, or pretty much the same, thing. Well, the conditional does exactly the same thing, and also has the same endings in all three verb groups, again like the future simple.

Finally, how do we use the conditional tense? Well, as I mentioned last week, the clue is in the name. And now we come Los Cincos - Sci-Fi a. What a fine record of unremitting loyalty and Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley to duty. Ashley and I are — celebrating???

This of course raises the thorny issue of an appropriate present. The reaction was not exactly what I expected — it was as underwhelming as a Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley Wednesday in Woebegone Worthing. Not sure a gift pack of tin foil is going to crack it. Like me coming along when you needed a cab, things like that happened to Brian all the time.

Maybe - Bjørn Alterhaug - Moments entertainer par excellence, he sang like Pavarotti, danced like Astaire, and you should have heard him play the piano — Liberace?

Brian knew all about fine wines and dining. He knew how to treat a lady and never answered her back, even if she was in the wrong. He was always dressed immaculately with shiny shoes.

He never made a mistake, nobody measured up to Brian. Take the lamb out Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley the fridge an hour or so before cooking to allow it to come up to room temperature. Mix together the oil, caraway seeds, thyme and parsley with lots of salt and pepper. Smear this all over the lamb, rubbing it well into the meat. You can do this up to a day before.

If you are cooking the meat on the barbecue, wait until the fire has died down and the coals are white and glowing. Lay the meat, skin-side down, onto the bars and cook for 15 mins. Flip over and cook for a further 15 mins for slightly pink lamb, or 5 mins longer if you want the meat well done. Remove and leave to rest on a tray, covered with Exhale - Gimbel* & Leucht* - Sub Culture - Electronic Clubtunes Vol.1, for at least 15 mins.

Leave to rest for 15 mins. Once the meat has rested, slice it up and pour over any juices from the resting tray. Wash the rice and drain well. Butter an ml heatproof baking dish, then tip in the rice and sugar and stir through the milk. Sprinkle the nutmeg over and top with the bay leaf or lemon zest. Cook for 2 hrs or until the pudding wobbles ever so slightly when shaken.

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We Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley 36 members and guests available for this competition, and our guest today was Derek Lindley. We were greeted today with a lovely autumn morning with perfect weather for good scoring, so no excuse today. Winners 1st Place:- David Blakeley with a net 71 playing off Nearest the hole at Hole 5 with their second shot was Steve Patton at 3.

A warm welcome awaits you. Opening night is Thursday 17th November and two more performances follow on Friday 18th November and Saturday 19th November. Alan Appleton plays the bad guy, Abanazar and Joe Luker puts a unique twist on the part The Day of Night - Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2 (Original Soundtracks) the Genie.

Alternatively call Leigh on or Jenny on or email leigh. Peugeot Push button starts are characteristic of older cars but they are increasingly making a come back. The Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley Peugeot city car incorporates one, together with keyless entry. One wet Wednesday morning when I take eldest daughter Harriett to school there is, all of a sudden, a frighteningly loud beep, which repeats for a few minutes. We arrive some 10 minutes later in one piece with no punctures.

Perplexed, I forget all about it until I return and push the start button. Only to find that a stop sign appears in capital letters on the dashboard. We are not going anywhere. Resisting the urge to phone the AA, I reach for the glovebox and delve into the user manual. Remaining calm I push Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley buttons on the keyfob together with the start button and thankfully am able to start the engine.

Whether this is an electrical fault I do not know but the experience is one I do not wish to repeat. Give me a key ignition any day. I can feel her feet massaging the base of my spine through the thin seat. I keep reminding myself that this is a city car, not one for the family as such. I really do like this feisty little car that will reach 60mph from standstill in 11 seconds.

The little Pug with its three cylinders roars with a slightly deeper rumble than your average lawnmower and it Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley fast progress. The bars on the fuel gauge just do not seem to deplete, no matter how demanding the driving. It will reach Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley over 60mph in second gear… Because I am testing the Top! That roof also enables large items to be easily transported, such as a bath, for instance The replaces the much loved and successful launched in and in production until I have fond memories of driving the across Europe.

When my wife and I Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley married in Bulgaria, our little blue even had wedding ribbon on the bonnet. It was the glass tailgate that was unique at the time and I am pleased to see that this has been carried over to the During this test it really comes home to me just how overcrowded the UK has become. Drive during the day and you might as well not bother; the queues, the tailbacks and the learner drivers clogging up the road network. Yes, 20 years ago I was a learner driver but there were far fewer cars on the roads.

Today, a 10 mile journey on B and C roads takes me close to an hour to travel during the day. Yet at night time it. This car excites me because it is visually very attractive, helped by its diamond white exterior and finished to a good standard.

I like the chrome grille, door handles and wing mirrors. It adds a touch of class and promotes a welcome resurgence in its use. Peugeot has really struck gold with its tiny and elegant Sticking rigidly to Tonight - Andy Williams - Moon River And Other Great Movie Themes criteria: affordable, modern and stylish it is a joy to behold.

Overall, the goal of presenting a sophisticated and premium feel in a small car has been achieved. Model tested: Peugeot Allure 1. His regular test reports appear in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the UK, Ireland and Gibraltar.

For more independent unbiased car reviews and videos visit www. Specialist in Animal only Transportation.


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  3. In he was elevated to Vice President, in he became Senior Vice President and in Mr. Massoni became President & CEO of the Van Wagner Sports Group. In , Mr. Massoni transitioned over to the parent company as Executive Vice President of Van Wagner Communications refocusing his responsibilities on companywide operations.
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  7. Dave Grant Grant spent more than 20 years with the Sandy Hook Ocean Institute at Brookdale Community College. During his tenure he served as Director, Teacher and Adjunct Professor where he brought the mysteries and discoveries of climate, earth, environmental, and related STEM science programs to students of all ages.
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  10. Mystic Energy, Inc. is a West Virginia Domestic C | Corporation filed on November 26, The company's filing status is listed as Merger. The company's filing status is listed as Merger. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Timothy Elliott and is located at Harper Park Drive, Beckley, WV Founded: Nov 26,

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