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Phil, Help Me Escape Who Is Matthew Pregnant at Help! Is Jerry Being Catfished? The Sifaka - The Pyronauts - Surf And Destroy in the Photos Revealed! Photo, Meme or Little Girl (My Sweet Babe) - Trigger (29) - Trigger Treat. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Optional, please keep it short. Spoiler Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler.

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Why did I do that babe? Friday, March 26, Bike - Bike Monday, March 15, Trigger - Trigger Treat Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Subscribe To Me! Posts Atom. All Comments Atom. All Comments. The Lowdown "Robots For Ronnie" does not knowingly post items that are commercially available. If you are the legal copyright holder and wish to have the content removed, contact the owner of this Little Girl (My Sweet Babe) - Trigger (29) - Trigger Treat and we will comply.

Though I think this is a fine effort by Rabbitt, there is a fragmented feel in most of the tracks here which I think lack Rabin's knack for clever arranging. Dig in and enjoy this time capsule from ! Posted by JKR 11 comments. Bike were a short-lived Detroit area based outfit who never really made waves outside of their region. It's a shame, as the these boys could muster up Little Girl (My Sweet Babe) - Trigger (29) - Trigger Treat furious cacophony when given the chance.

The band basically released this album on a local label before dissolving among the slew of more established acts of the time. Very little is known about the band's background, though vocalist Don Pierle brother of Indiana band, McKay's Ray Pierle was a notoriously charismatic figure on the local scene.

It is presumed that Bike's lifespan was a rather short one. So what about the album? Well, many rarities come and go, but this one is easily one of the best I've heard. Scarcity aside, this album is chock full of anthemic and powerful 70's hard rock of the first rate. With a sound that resembles Left End, one can easily get a sense of the quality found in the grooves of this monolithic hard rock relic. It Little Girl (My Sweet Babe) - Trigger (29) - Trigger Treat be quite difficult to pinpoint a highlight, as this album is brimming with quality songwriting throughout.

There's truly not a weak track in the lot. Though there's nothing here that reinvents the wheel, there's unquestionably a plethora of pounding riffage to behold. Need proof? Dig in and see what this extremely underappreciated band is all about. Being one of the rarest of its kind, you'll surely get a kick out of Bike's one and only album. Courtesy of Harvey M Posted by JKR 31 comments.

New Jersey's Trigger formed in and spent its first three years playing the circuit until landing a production deal with Big Guy Productions in Within the next year, the band had signed with Casablanca Records and began work on its major label self-titled debut.

The album hit shelves in early and was met with critical praise. Follow up work began on the next album the following year, but production complications halted the release, prompting Casablanca to drop the band from its roster. The solution is to move to the charming little island town where he and Cara run T. There is a good school there which should help Holly. The island is reached only by ferry. And it just so happens that on the ferry, Mark and Holly meet Maggie, Maggie's logical sister Kate, and Olive, the dog Kate got stuck with when her roommate moved out.

Maggie thinks Holly is just adorable, though Kate thinks she likes Mark too. Mark and Holly move in with Mark's macho construction worker brother Scott. Their science nerd brother Alex, who works when he gets grants and may move to Maine, also lives there, and he can cook. But the house is big and while the older brothers are both macho jerks who still treat Mark like a kid, Holly could be a good influence.

With little work to do, Scott is in the process of renovating, and a pretty pink room for Holly becomes part of that process. Former toy company employee Maggie has dreamed of opening a toy store of her own.

She has bought Magic Mirror Toys on the island, though she gets in a disagreement with the longtime manager and sends the older woman packing. This means Kate is stuck working for her instead of going back to college, but Maggie needs her intelligence. Thanksgiving is a disaster, but the brothers have not been together since they Little Girl (My Sweet Babe) - Trigger (29) - Trigger Treat their father and their mother didn't want to celebrate.

The day after is the big grand opening for the toy store. Holly and Little Green Apples - Tony Joe White - Black And White happen For Your Ass Only - Dijf Sanders - Swamp Boulevard visit and Maggie and Holly have one of several really special moments.

Soon, Holly is in school, and starting to improve. She hasn't talked but she really likes that toy store. You don't have to be Alex to know where this is going. Holly is adorable even when she doesn't speak or even smile. There's just something about her. The main characters are appealing enough. This is a Hallmark Hall of Fame production, though, but they're okay.

Catherine Berube as the voice of reason probably does the best job of The Scarlet Prodigal - Wilt - Cast Away In The Abyss (File). The town is one of those pleasant small towns, but with a little more culture than Mayberry.

The people there are nice for the most part. The best moments involve Maggie and Holly and that tiny house where the fairy lives. And Maggie can Riverdance! It's a nice Christmas story, even of it doesn't quite reach the level of a Hallmark production. For me, the Hallmark Christmas movies are either hit or miss. Most are so cringeworthy, I stop watching after 5 minutes.

Not this one. I really enjoyed watching "Christmas With Holly".


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  2. I was so distracted by the Tom Cruise and Kathryn Heigl look-a-likes, played by the two main characters, that I had to force myself to try to figure out what was going on. What will trigger the little girl to talk? What will trigger the romance? Where can I get that AWESOME fairy treehouse thing? My grown up daughters would love it!
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  4. If you own the band's LP from '78, you will be quite surprised at the difference heard here. The band's punchy powerpop sound had yet developed, as "Trigger Treat" sees them trying to find their musical identity. Most of side one is comprised of light fare with a decidedly more pedestrian slant.
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  6. Mar 26,  · What we have here is "Trigger Treat", the band's semi-legendary and quite rare debut album. Released on the band's own label, Parliament Records, the album circulated around the tri-state area in , helping to increase the band's visibility. Most of the highlights are found here, with the standouts being "Little Girl (My Sweet Babe)" and.
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