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And it will last until whenever everyone decides to leave. For the event, only moderators in the room and the artists will be allowed to play music, this does not apply to any day after the event. You can, however, request a song and perhaps one of the mods will play it for you.

It will be a Google Chrome extension, other browsers will not support it. The link to download it will be posted once he releases it, and it will customize the room to what he has designed.

If you would Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! to, please tell your friends or maybe post about it on facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or whatever social network you use. We are trying to get as many people as we can to come, and we hope it will turn out well.

First off, i want to say thank you to everyone who submitted something for this contest. Whooves comic-con t-shirt and their choice of a poster or a giant swag bag is [Welcome to Spring by DJ Nighthorse!

Please make sure to get me your contact information so i can send you your prizes. Walt Ribeiro is an artist who arranges an orchestral rendition of popular songs every week— this week, he covered the extended theme of MLP:FiM! Groovebot Extended Vocal Club. In case you're confused, I owned two of these but now I have one left, and this is it.

The auction ends tomorrow night Saturday at PM PST - midnight, and I thought I'd spread it around a little more in case someone who hasn't seen it yet might be interested. Some of these people were even stranded for a few days in Vegas without a way to return home due to no money. One story I read in particular left one person to stay at a homeless shelter while he waited three Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! for his cousin to fly down and take him home.

Anyways, maybe check it out, I thought at least someone here would probably be interested. Thanks for looking! Apparently this is Sethisto's EQD admin favorite not-popular brony song. What do you guys think? Some of these bronies are incredibly talented and definitely deserve more attention than they currently have. Or just recommend a few for everyone! YouTube links are much appreciated by everypony, if you wan't to take the time to find them all. I'll try to pick a few that are lesser known, because I'm sure nearly everyone here is familiar with all the top-played songs.

Chances are you will have heard of many of these though. Let's get some music circulating! I've recently gained an interest in pony music of all kinds really. About a week ago I downloaded the first Balloon Party album and loved most of it. I'm not looking for albums similar to that, though.

Just post the best ones, and I'll check them out. The whole stream will be about 7 hours long, probably more. I tried to represent a bunch of different genres. Hope to see you there! Smile Song Jazz - oodorato2.

This japanese guy does awesome covers of MLP songs and has almost no subscribers or views. Not pony, but this is the song that Kim Richey - Rise Rarity's dressmaking song. It's awesome, and Ingram is a genius for making it work in the show. I just noticed something.

I've never been into electronic music. Like, at all. And I adore them. It's basically all I listen to anymore. Anyway, I love them. I was excited today to find [Woodentoaster has a new mix. This is awesome! Weird how that works. I mean, I could probably explain it: it's kind of a communal thing. Also, ponies make me happier than any other legal substance, so I guess integrating them with anything compounds my happiness with those things, too. Just wondering if anyone else is the Bridge Song - Klear - Makin Noise. Hey guys, the first pony rock-focused station, Wonderbolt Radio, has prelaunched!

I invite you to tune into our autoDJ Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! we prepare to fully launch with shows and programming next month! Feather and I have been working on an album about Celestia, Luna and Scootaloo for a while now.

It's finally done. Well, just so you know, it's back up. You can finally direct your non-brony friends to it, again, or download it for your master music backup without having to use torrents. Don't bother upvoting me - upvote Rise (Ricardo Da Costa & Scottys 3 Week Mix) - Various - OM Winter Sampler other guy.

My sorted, tagged, and albumized collection of all the songs and BGM in the show, plus some 8-bits. Disc 1 is primary songs Ingram's stuffdisc 2 is BGM and incidentals Anderson's stuffand disc 4 no disc 3 is instrumentals of primary songs.

All songs are sorted in chronological order. Tags have been altered to reflect this, and to place each season in its own album with multiple discs. Display names are slightly different than the file names. A few extras have been added to disk 4, Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! the album art is Philomena, to be a little stealthier than normal.

Everything is ready to be pulled directly into iTunes. It's pretty big, but I've found that Google Drive is extremely fast, and doesn't have the problems inherent to torrents. I've been working on this gradually over the 7 months I've been a brony, so there is bound to be a sorting error or two.

Let me know if you find any. I have to be honest: I haven't noticed a whole lot of any of these genres, specifically Jazz. MusicByOctavia did a Jazz version of Becoming Popular, but I haven't been noticing a lot of pony jazz, so if you have some, please share! Swing and Blues are also accepted. Just share your favourites!

Hey everyone! First off i need to thank you, all of you, for making this sub absolutely amazing by submitting all the amazing fan music you find and submitting your OWN music to share with the rest of us.

This sub would be nothing without you. And to everyone who is new here, Welcome to the Heard! You know the drill, we hit a milestone and we have a music contest! So go nuts! Make some awesome music and share it with the rest of us.

For third place we will be giving out one of the Comic-Con Posters from the Hub! Make some amazing music and share it with the world! As always if you have any questions please let me Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour!.

Maybe you guys will appreciate an original song by me! So there's a group of musicians who have done dozens and dozens of spectacular covers of Beatles songs, with pony themes. If you're a fan of the Beatles, you'll love them. For the next eight hours or so, I'll be running a stream of the top pony songs of the year.

Come celebrate with me at EST about an hour from this post as I run the gauntlet of all the cool songs that have come out this year. The stream's pretty high quality, kbps, and the song information will be displayed on screen during every song.

Drop by for a few minutes, or for the full seven hours. Either way, enjoy! I'll post a full list of the songs with youtube and Hand Aufs Herz - Various - Die Hits Der Volksmusik - Lieder, Die Von Herzen Kommen links after the stream is over.

Hey everyone, I've noticed something in my 5ish months of ponies yes The Crossings - Andy Duguid - Believe 5ish months.

I've noticed that in the pony music there is a major lack of a certain genre. That genre my friends, is the blues. I love messing around on my guitars and recently started recording some things. I was wondering if you guys might be into some pony blues. My only problem is that I am a terrible lyricist, I can't really write songs without them sounding cheesy. I'm not much of a fan of instrumentals "inspired by ponies" so I was wondering if you guys might be able to help me out?

So I've been noticing lately that Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! people are concerned about the rules of the sub and what exactly constitutes "pony" music and that the rules are a little ambiguous.

Simple answer is that they were intended to be a little ambiguous. Music is a funny thing in that its inspiration can come from many different places. So I tried to keep the rules open to people who wanted to submit instrumentals, ambient, soundscapes, This still has quite a lot of work needed, I think. I am hoping to put this article forward as a candidate for FA. Any suggestions for improvement would be gratefully received. RhionFour 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour!

August UTC. I think it would fly through FAC as it is, but an additional load of protection is never useless. Congrats on the amazing job! Excellent article; in my opinion, this is basically ready for FAC.

A few minor points of formatting that could be cleaned up, though:. This is perhaps the best of the articles of the Persian Wars. It shows at least in the Persian invasion of Greece part arguments on the size of Xerxes' army on why it was large or Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour!.

Short of a larger lead section and copy-editing what else is necessary before this is to become an FA? Ikokki25 July UTC. Obviously, the lead section will need to be expanded as well, but you're already aware of that.

Great read, thanks! You have a couple of in-line external links: I don't know what the concensus is, but I prefer to make all references as footnotes see British anti-invasion preparations of World War II for an example. I feel this operation was very significant in terms of the Indo-Pak conflicts as it was the one that was responsible for the Second Kashmir War of ' I have made every attempt to write this article from a NPOV and in doing so have used sources entirely from Pakistani authors and a few from neutral sites Interestingly none from Indian authors to produce an unbiased historical account of the war.

I haven't included a battlebox since this isn't a battle by traditional definition, but any inputs will be appreciated. Overall, quite a nice article. After the last Peer Review inI've been involved in getting references for the Fly Me To The Moon - The Associates - Live and trying to expand it again.

As such, I'd like to think it warrants a much better rating than "B" and would like some feedback and assistance on how to get it to Featured Article status; or at least an improvement over its current rating.

The previous Peer Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! is located herefor anyone that's interested. I'd like to see the units in the infobox in a consistent form - either Imperial then metric or vice versa - as a mattere of feel I personally would expect Imp first There's also units in the text without the Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour!

before and at least one occaision of " where inches ought to be. Probably do some of them right now myself. I've separated the book list from teh specific footnotes for you. In the footnotes, you should use shortform instead of repeating the full details over and over. YellowMonkey click here to vote for world cycling's 1 model! Recently I disambiguated incoming links to Enfield ; some of the links I sent to Lee-Enfield and related articles.

So, many I suggest inspecting the links especially the redirects to Lee-Enfield to see if any further disambiguating is needed there?

It'd just be nice to get some feedback from other military historians on Wikipedia so it can be improved on, especially because British military arms are such a fascinating subject. More generally, adding any additional material that's available would be helpful in filling out the article. I would assume that there must be more on the rifle's use—accounts from those who used it in combat, perhaps, or official records—that might be of interest.

The article has gone through a lot of changes over the past few weeks and has really grown. I think Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! can get Good article status with some work, so hence this request for peer review. Overall, though, the material looks quite good. This article has barely failed last FAC.

Perhaps the members of WPMH could offer further insight how to improve this article, and help to address some of the FAC objections, so it can be renominated in the near future? Well, I didn't see any of the mentioned problems with the article to begin with, so I'm probably not the best person to comment. I would suggest—and I do not know to what extent this would actually be feasible—approaching the objectors and asking them if they might be able to point out some references for their points.

If they can, all is good; if they can't, then the points presumably need not be included, as no sources can be found for them. I would assume that the objectors do have sources—where could they be getting detailed objections otherwise? The issue, in my mind, is the timing; now that you know what the objections center around, you can hash the points out on the talk page for as long as is needed to achieve consensus on whether—and how—they should be presented, without the time pressure of a FAC nom.

Then, when you do renominate the article, you can point to the previous discussions for any issues that come up again. In a sense, a dictator is always a potential and more often than not real tyrant. I found a French article about Pilsudski, written by a French researcher [3]. Among other things, it states, as some pointed out, that JP was indeed a Lithuanian of a noble family.

This fact needs further investigation, because factual accuracy is essential. However, this looks like a valid ref to me. Furthermore, objections from Ukrainian wikipedians pointing out that "Polish-Ukrainian War did not crush the independence of Ukraine, only resolved a territorial dispute.

Incidentally, it would also appear that the question of POW camps is a delicate one, and should be further explained in the text. Another issue is IMHO the attempt to portray JP as someone delegating all the affairs to his "colonels" and as such, a potential attempt to improve his image. I think this point either needs further sources proving or disproving the whole thing. Overall, I think this is quite FA material and I supported ithowever I can understand that it can cause moderate controversies among some wikipedians.

I've massively rewritten and changed the article, because it was not in an acceptable state Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour!. But this is my first attempt at an article and I'd appreciate feedback.

Thank you. Working through these points—particularly the first one—should strengthen the article quite substantially. I've nominated this article for peer review in an attempt to guage my writing and find ways to improve it.

I started this article and have done all the writing. Shoe17 July UTC. Overall, though, not bad. Since these failures huge improvements have been made by me and two fellow users Druworos and Konstable.

I think this article is too close to be FA, but I need your support! Fascinating article, well worth a FA star!!! Some work should be put in before though, mostly format and style-related:. Overall, this is an awesome article! Keep up the work! The article is much better than when it last went up for FAC. A few further suggestions for improvement:. Kirill and Grafikm got most of the "major" problems, but I just wanted to say this article should fly through FAC.

Very very good article. What a great read! I have no real expertise in this area, I just wanted to say how very much I The Overture - Jean-Michel Jarre - The Essential Jean-Michel Jarre it.

Close to FAC, some minor critics concerning content, I wrote them on the articles talk page. The role of Aspia and her appearance in Perikles life should be clearer one-two sentences.

The legal issue of giving citizenship to his third son, Perikles the Younger mother not Athenian could be mentioned. Efficiency is a disputable word to describe the rule Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour!

Perikles in the header. After almost 2 months of research and writing, this article about one of the most epical battles of WWII is finally done sort of. Since I spent so much time writing it, I need an external view and help more than ever. I'll reiterate my earlier comments about the article needing a thorough copyedit primarily for issues of grammar rather than style, at this point. I'll try to go over it sometime soon this weekend, perhaps? Overall, though, the material looks solid; I suspect this will be ready for FAC in a couple of weeks, if not sooner.

This fairly large and detailed article is pretty stable and should form a good source of information Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! anyone with an interest in the Australian military's role in the war. However, it would benefit from a review by non-Australians in order to correct any underlying Australian POV issues. In addition, it would be nice to get some advice on whether the discussion of Australian operations following the 'end of major hostilities' should be split into a seperate article.

I would avoid splitting anything out into separate articles; this one isn't all that long, and what results from Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! split would likely be an over-politicized stub, if the current state of the articles on the US side of things suggests anything. I recently expanded the article, rewriting it almost from scratch. I focused primarily on the military aspect of the uprising, but the result might be too military-oriented for an average reader.

Anyway, all comments appreciated. Very nice! I don't think the military orientation is a Fantasy In C Minor, BWV 919 - Glenn Gould Plays Bach* - Glenn Gould Plays Bach (The Collectors Editi, as this encounter was quite military in Shes No Lady - Lyle Lovett - Pontiac. Overall, though, very good article!

Overall, thanks for your review. I've been expanding this article quite a bit over the last few weeks, and whilst Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! think it's well on the way to being a FAC, I'd like to get some feedback and suggestions on it I'll be adding some footnotes over the next few days, as time permits!

I don't suppose anyone's had a chance to Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! by and give the article another look-over, have they? It would be greatly appreciated The following suggestions were generated by a semi-automatic javascript programand may or may not be accurate for the article in question. Please convert them to footnotespreferably in the cite. I'll second third? A few more suggestions:. First attempt at fleshing out an article on a ship.

Was a stub and felt comfortable removing those. Overall, great work! Hello, I just edited the entire Imjin War article by adding information on the Second Invasion and the timeline. I would like a review on how the article is doing but the Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour!

is still incomplete and I am currently looking for more information so I will try and finish it up. For the rest of the article, I need some feedback because I am struggling on improving the article.

Thank you for the review. Good friend2 July UTC. I have very little knowledge of the specific historical details here, so I can't comment too much on the exact content.

However, some more general suggestions:. Overall, though, this looks like it's well on its way! What is a difference between a reference and a citation? When I look at certain articles, there is a reference section and a "notes" section. Also, can a "notes" section be used for referencing information?

Thank you again. Good friend14 July UTC. Is the word "invaded" and "executed" POV? Good friend16 July UTC. Thank you for the past help.

I feel that the Korea related articles are being attacked and messed around with. The editors that edit the articles are heavily changing Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! articles but they don't seem to be getting any better. What should I do? I strongly disagree with this title because it is confusing with other users and websurfers looking for information. Also, there are several wars with the name of "Seven Year War".

The article seems to be in a mess, after a lot of hard work. I don't know what to do. Should I open a poll? Good friend19 July UTC. Also, the user that deleted the tag is not an admin but one of the editors. He claimed that the argument was calm enough to delete it. Good friend9 August UTC. What if the move tag was taken off because Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! was his favor? After reading his userpage, he seems to be Japanese, or Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour!

like Japanese culture. I think that his judgement is biased, because he stated that the discussion was "now stable and ok" even though it obviously is not. I referred to WP:RM to request a move on the article. Also, could you review the talk page and could you reconsider moving the article back to the original title? I wrote an argument at the bottom of the article and I believe I have every right to move the article back into its former name. A fairly important battle, but one that's quite difficult to find sources for.

I've tried to collect as much as I could; hopefully, the narrative is sufficiently detailed. I plan on taking this to FAC at some point in the near future; hence, any feedback on potential weaknesses or problems with the article would be much appreciated! Great article! Just a few things I know absolutely nothing about this time period, so this coming from someone who has no previous knowledge. In that light, this paragraph was confusing for me I put where I was confused in brackets :.

Shouldn't Pescara get his full name here since this is the first mention of him? Also, was thinking it might be nice if in the prelude area I could see a map that showed Lombardy and Milan in the bigger scheme of things as opposed to the very close-in map in the infobox - plange23 July UTC.

Requesting peer review to help make sure this article is ready before nominating for FA. Also, request reassessment of quality and assessment of "importance" I recommend "Mid".

I'll be adding one or two battle maps to the article tonight or this weekend. One concern, do you think that the FA reviewers will consider the article "too short?

Fully up to your usual high standards; this is essentially ready for FAC, in my opinion. A few comments:. Overall, excellent work! This had major problems and several editors have contributed to making it more readable. It still needed work, and I've rewritten lots, added more detail and images and added missing sources Would like to see how it can be improved, and if it was okay that I took the cleanup tag off- plange25 June UTC.

Very nice article, with lots of fascinating detail. The major deficiency—and I suspect Four 2 Zero - General Mumble - Please Pump In Some Colour! this is fairly obvious—is that there's nothing on his life aside from his military record. At the very least, it should be possible to find rough? The "CSS Richmond" section also breaks off quite abruptly; I don't know whether this is because there is material that hasn't been added yet.

A more minor point is the "Trivia" section, whose contents should be worked into the article proper in some way. This might be easier once there's a paragraph or two about his life before and after the war. Overall, though, this is excellent work. Overall, though, this is very good. For a war on which we have so little information, other than in line references, what else is necessary for FA status?

Ikokki20 June UTC. Well, aside from the lack of inline citations that you noted, Speak Of The Devil - Stray Dog - Stray Dog main problem that this article would have is its short length. While the lack of material is a problem here, there's a number of potential ways to fill it out:. If a substantial amount of material can be added to the article even if that material is fairly technical or esotericit'll stand a much better chance of getting featured.

I had a bit of a look and for the most part I simply agree with Kirill. A few more references, maybe a map or two simply to indicate the location of Euboea with regards to the rest of Greece, as well as the relative locations of Chalcis, Eretria and their respective allies. Under 'Origins' there was some awkward phrasing that I Couldve Done It Better - Tower Of Power - Oakland Zone to think I improved.

Morgan's Raid is a particular favorite topic of mine. The raiders passed through the county where I grew up in SE Ohio, as well as near my ancestors' farm site. I would like suggestions for further improvements. Overall, though, the historical material looks very nice. Good work!

Very good indeed. My comments are really rather trivial. Run a spellcheck. Use the Template:Quotation template for the lengthy quotes; for the shorter ones, put quote marks around them and WP:MOS says not to use italics. Your battle box has a final element that doesn't seem to match usage in others I've seen. I didn't know of this page and started a normal Peer Review, so I request members of the project to take a look at Hannibal and its associated peer review.

If you wish to respond here you can as well as both are on my watchlist. Overall, though, this is quite well written! Hi, this article has just been assesed as B-class. I'm still quite new to Wikipedia, so I'm not sure how to make it better still.

Does anyone have any comments for improvement? Tom13 June UTC. It's quite a nice article, but it's still a bit short, particularly where his military career is concerned; he was a fairly significan military leader, so more than a paragraph's worth of detail is probably possible.

If I have time, I'll try to add some more details to that section, since I have a few usable references to him that I can use. The Clairvoyant - Iron Maiden - Raising Hell (DVD), the lead section should probably be made somewhat longer—perhaps two full paragraphs—and some inline citations should be added where appropriate.

Overall, though, this is very good work so far. I've been able to find only minimal material on him in English; is he a more prominent figure in the Netherlands?

Although listed to be graded, none has been performed yet. Still, a fascinating personage who has been described by one historian I'm trying to remember who as "the last of the Crusaders". While I have no illusions this will reach FA status without some help, I'd still like some input. Fascinating stuff, and very well written. Aside from the generic suggestion to add in any more material that's available—which may not be much—there are a few more technical suggestions:.

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  3. Please Pump In Some Colour! by General Mumble, released 1. Obnoxygen 2. Four 2 Zero 3. General Mumble x MD - Don't Fall Down The Dubstairs 4. General Mumble x MD - Derpstyyyle 5. Brushed in a Rush 6. General Mumble x Daemien x Spott - Beat The Walls Down 7.
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  6. Please Pump in Some Colour! is the nineteenth album and the fifth physical release by General Mumble. The physical release also includes the EP Bottlenose Tophat. "Four 2 Zero" is a remix of "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Kurupt.
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