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So what was this light? Horus is born Space missions: update Gulp Symbolism, though typically too nebulous, can lead to valuable insights with proper treatment. Here on STR we excel at turning symbolism into foresightwhich is arguably the most Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso insight of all. With hindsight and foresight together we unite reality and imagination, crossing the Threshold.

Las Vegas was also on our radar as a key location…. In terms of foreshadowing near-future events, there is probably something to the fact that two big guns fell on Marilyn Manson.

The 2nd amendment gun rights? Gun violence a la Columbine? On Saturday night, September Dog Days - Zep Tepi - FatsoMarilyn Manson was injured during a concert in New York when a large gun-shaped prop accidentally fell on him on stage.

After laying on stage for several minutes he was carried out on a stretcher and taken to hospital. His injury was severe enough that he subsequently had to cancel nine tour dates. Striking visuals, striking symbolism… Watch video. Sep 30 Marilyn Manson crushed by prop on stage. A gun attack from above at a concert … involving a figure associated with a mass shooting event Columbine.

A day later a man with machine guns opened fire at a large crowd of concert-goers in Las Vegas. The gunman was reportedly on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel close to the concert area. Oct 02 At least 59 dead in Las Vegas mass shooting. A gun attack from above at a concert … the deadliest mass shooting in US history. If we go even further back to the beginning of the age of 'gods and heroes', we find that we have arrived at 23, BC, Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso the world was still firmly in the grip of the last Ice Age.

Oldfather, Harvard University Press,jacket text. Long before Diodorus, Egypt was visited by another and more illustrious Greek historian: the great Herodotus, who lived in the fifth century BC. He too, it seems, consorted with priests and he too managed to tune in to traditions that spoke of the presence of a high civilization in the One Morning In May - Frank Foster, Frank Wess - Frankly Speaking Valley at some unspecified date in remote antiquity.

Herodotus outlines these traditions of an immense prehistoric period of Egyptian civilization in Book II of his History. In the same document he also hands on to us, without comment, a peculiar nugget of information which had originated with the priests of Heliopolis:. During this time, they said, there were four occasions when the sun rose out of his wonted place - twice rising where he now sets, and twice setting where he now rises.

What is this all about? According to the French mathematician Schwaller de Lubiczwhat Herodotus is transmitting to us perhaps unwittingly is a veiled and garbled reference to a period of time - that is, to the Kate Bush - The Kick Inside that it takes for sunrise on the vernal equinox to Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso against the stellar background through one and a half complete cycles of the zodiac.

In the first century AD a similar tradition was recorded by the Roman scholar Pomponious Mela: 'The Egyptians pride themselves on being the most ancient people in the world. In their authentic annals one may read that since they have been in existence, the course of the stars has changed direction four times, and that the sun has set twice in the part of the sky where it rises today.

A full cycle of precession of the equinoxes therefore takes almost 26, years to complete 12 x years. It follows that one and a half cycles takes nearly 39, years 18 x years. In the time of Herodotus the sun on the vernal equinox rose due east at Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso against the stellar background of Aries - at which moment the constellation of Libra was 'in opposition', lying due west where the sun would set twelve hours later.

If we wind the clock of precession back half a cycle, however - six houses of the zodiac or approximately 13, years - we find that the reverse configuration prevails: the vernal sun now rises due east in Libra while Aries lies due west in opposition.

A further 13, years back, the situation Frédérick Rousseau - Spirit In The Woods itself once more, with the vernal sun rising again in Aries and with Libra in opposition. This takes us to 26, years before Herodotus. If we then step back another 13, years, another half precessional cycle, to 39, years before Herodotus, the vernal sunrise returns to Libra, and Aries is again in opposition.

The point is this: with 39, years we have an expanse of time during which the sun can be described as 'twice rising where he now sets', i. If Schwaller 's interpretation is correct - and there is every reason to suppose it is - it suggests that the Greek historian's priestly informants must have Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso access to accurate records of the precessional motion of the sun going back at least 39, years before their own era.

The Turin Papyrus and the Palermo Stone. The figure of 39, years accords surprisingly closely with the testimony of the Turin Papyrus one of the two surviving Ancient Egyptian king lists that extends back into prehistoric times before the First Dynasty. Originally in the collection of the king of Sardinia, the brittle and crumbling year-old papyrus was sent in a box, without packing, to its present home in the Museum of Turin. As any schoolchild could have predicted, it arrived broken into countless fragments.

Scholars were obliged to work for years to piece together and make sense of what remained, and they did a superb job. The surviving fragments are tantalizing. In one register, for example, we read the names often Neteru with each name inscribed in a cartouche oblong enclosure in much the same style adopted in later periods for the historical kings of Egypt. The number of years that each Neter was believed to have reigned was also given, but most of these numbers are missing from the damaged document.

From the surviving fragments it is possible to establish that nine 'dynasties' of these pre-dynastic pharaohs were mentioned, among which were 'the Venerables of Memphis', 'the Venerables of the North' and, lastly, the Shemsu Hor the Companions, or Followers, of Pimp - Dina Rae - The Dina Rae Show who ruled until the time of Menes.

The final two lines of the column, which seem to represent a summing up or inventory, are particularly provocative. They read:. The other king list that deals with prehistoric times is the Palermo Stonewhich does not take us as far back into the past as the Turin Papyrus.

The earliest of its surviving registers record the reigns of kings who ruled in upper and lower Egypt in the late pre-dynastic period: the centuries immediately prior to the country's unification in BC. Once again, however, we really have no idea how much other information, perhaps relating to far earlier periods, might originally have been inscribed on this enigmatic slab of black basalt, because it, too, has not come down to us intact.

Since the largest single part has been preserved in the Museum Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso Palermo in Sicily; a second piece is on display in Egypt in the Cairo Museum; and a third much smaller fragment is in the Petrie Collection at the University of London. These are reckoned by archaeologists to have been broken out of the centre of a monolith which would originally have measured about seven feet long by two feet high stood on its long side. It is quite possible - even probable - that many more pieces of Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso invaluable monument remain, if we only knew where to look.

As it is we are faced with the tantalising knowledge that a record of the name of every king of the Archaic Period existed, together with the number of years of his reign and the chief events which occurred during his occupation of the throne. And these events were compiled in the Fifth Dynasty, only about years after the Unification, so that the margin of error would in all probability have been very small The late Professor Walter Emerywhose words these are, was naturally concerned about the absence of much-needed details concerning the Archaic Period, BC to BC, 36 the focus of his own specialist interests.

We should also spare a thought, however, for what an intact Palermo Stone might have told us about even earlier epochs, notably Zep Tepi - the golden age of the gods. See also Egyptian Mysteries, p. The deeper we penetrate into the myths and memories of Egypt's long past, and the closer we approach to the fabled First Time, the stranger the landscapes that surround us become Back to Contents.

Chapter 44 - Gods of the First Time. The offspring of these deities included well-known figures such as Horus and Anubis. In addition, other companies of gods were recognized, notably at Memphis and Hermopolis, where there were important and very ancient cults dedicated to Ptah and to Thoth.

These First Time deities were all in one sense or another gods of creation who had given shape to chaos through their divine will. Out of that chaos they formed and populated the sacred land of Egypt, 2 wherein, for many thousands of years, they ruled among men as divine pharaohs. The Heliopolitan priests who Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso to the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus in the first century BC put forward the thought-provoking suggestion that Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso was a flood - identified by Diodorus with the earth-destroying flood of Deucalionthe Greek Noah figure: 4.

In general, they say that if in the flood which Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso in the time of Deucalion most living things were destroyed, it is probable that the inhabitants of southern Egypt survived rather than any others Or if, as some maintain, the destruction of living things was complete and the earth then brought forth again new forms of animals, nevertheless, Childhood - Cyberwave - Fill In The Blank on such a supposition, the first genesis of living things fittingly attaches to this country Why should Egypt have been so blessed?

Diodorus was told that it had something to do with its geographical situation, with the great exposure of its southern regions to the heat Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso the Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatsoand with the vastly increased rainfall which the myths said the world had experienced in the aftermath of the universal deluge:.

See also T. Curiously, too, at the end of the last Ice Age, when millions of square miles of glaciation were melting in northern Europe, when rising sea levels were flooding coastal areas all around the globe, and when the huge volume of extra moisture released into the atmosphere through the evaporation of the ice fields was being dumped as rain, Egypt benefited for several thousands of years from an exceptionally humid and fertile climate.

It is not difficult to see how such a climate Miss Misery - Nazareth - Diamond Collection indeed have been remembered as 'well tempered for the first generation of all living things'. The question therefore has to be asked: whose information about the past are we receiving from Diodorus, and is the apparently accurate Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso of Egypt's lush climate at the end of the last Ice Age a coincidence, or is an extremely ancient tradition being transmitted to us here - a memory, perhaps, of the First Time?

Breath of the divine serpent. Ra was believed to have been the first king of the First Time and ancient myths say that as long as he remained young and vigorous he reigned peacefully. The passing years took their toll on him, however, and he is depicted at the end Razor Waves - Fisthammer - Devour All You See his rule as an old, wrinkled, stumbling man Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso a trembling mouth from which saliva ceaselessly dribbles.

Although he vanquished his enemies he was in the end so Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso by disease that even his most faithful followers revolted against him: 'Weary of reigning, Shu abdicated in favour of his son Geb and took refuge in the skies after a terrifying tempest which lasted nine days His reign was also troubled and some of the myths describing what took place reflect the odd idiom of the Pyramid Texts in which a non-technical vocabulary seems to wrestle with complex technical and scientific imagery.

For example, one particularly striking Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso speaks of a 'golden box' in which Ra had deposited a number of objects - described, Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatsoas his 'rod' or canea lock of his hair, and his uraeus a rearing cobra with its hood extended, fashioned out of gold, which was worn on the royal head-dress.

A powerful and dangerous talisman, this box, together with its bizarre contents, remained enclosed in a fortress on the 'eastern frontier' of Egypt until a great many years after Ra's ascent to heaven. When Geb came to power he ordered that it should be brought to him and unsealed in his presence. In the instant that The Soul Collector - Gein And The Graverobbers - Songs In The Key Of Evil box was opened a bolt of fire described as the 'breath of the divine serpent' ushered from it, struck dead all Geb's companions and gravely burned the god-king himself.

Weight is added to such extreme speculations when we remember that this is by no means the only golden box in the ancient world that functioned like a deadly and unpredictable machine.

It has a number of quite unmissable similarities to the Hebrews' enigmatic Ark of the Covenant which also struck innocent people dead with bolts of Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso energy, which also was 'overlaid round about with gold', and which was said to have contained not only the two tablets of the Ten Commandments but 'the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron's rod.

For our purposes here it is sufficient to note that a peculiar atmosphere of dangerous and quasi-technological wizardry seems to surround many of the gods of the Heliopolitan Ennead. Isis, for example wife and sister of Osiris and mother of Horus carries a strong whiff of the science lab.

She was ignorant of nothing in heaven and earth. Renowned for her skilful use of witchcraft and magic, Isis was particularly remembered by the Ancient Egyptians as. In Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatsoshe was believed, by means of her voice alone, to be capable of bending reality and overriding the laws of physics.

These same powers, though perhaps in greater degree, were attributed to the wisdom god Thoth who although not a member of the Heliopolitan Ennead is recognized in the Turin Papyrus and other ancient records as the sixth or sometimes as the seventh divine pharaoh of Egypt. If Set's usurpation is included as a reign, we have seven divine pharaohs up to and including Thoth i. Frequently represented on temple and tomb walls as an ibis, or an ibis-headed man, Thoth was venerated as the regulative force responsible for all heavenly calculations and annotations, as the lord and multiplier of time, the inventor of the alphabet and the patron of magic.

He was particularly associated with astronomy, Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatsosurveying and geometry, and was described as 'he who reckons in heaven, the counter of the stars and the measurer of the earth'.

He was also regarded as a deity who understood the mysteries of 'all that is hidden under the heavenly vault', and who had the ability to bestow wisdom on selected individuals.

It was said that he had inscribed his knowledge in secret books and hidden these about the earth, intending that they should be sought for by future generations but found 'only by the worthy' - who were to use their discoveries for the benefit of mankind.

Osiris and the Lords of Eternity. Occasionally referred to in the texts as a neb tem, or 'universal master', 21 Osiris is depicted as human but also superhuman, suffering but at the same time commanding. Moreover, he expresses his essential dualism by ruling m heaven as the constellation of Orion and on earth as a king among men.

Like them, he is exceptionally tall and always depicted wearing the curved beard of divinity. And like them too, although he has supernatural powers at his disposal, he avoids the use of force wherever possible.

We saw in Chapter Sixteen that Quetzalcoatlthe god-king of the Mexicans, was believed to have departed from Central America by sea, sailing away on a raft of serpents. There are other obvious parallels as well. The central details of the story of Osiris have been recounted in earlier chapters and we need not go over them again.

The reader will not have forgotten that this god - once Polish Wedding Polka - The Polka Shamrocks - The Polka Shamrocks Play Your Favorites like Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha - was remembered principally as a benefactor of mankind, as a bringer of enlightenment and as a great civilizing leader.

He was credited, for example, with having abolished cannibalism and was said to have introduced the Egyptians to agriculture - in particular to the cultivation of wheat and barley - and to have taught them the art of fashioning agricultural implements.

Since he had an especial liking for fine wines the myths do not say where he acquired this tastehe made a point of 'teaching mankind the culture of the vine, as well as the way to harvest the grape and to store the wine He also undertook a number of large-scale engineering and hydraulics works:.

Later he made his way to Arabia and thence to India, where he established many cities. Moving on to Thrace he killed a barbarian king for refusing to adopt his system of government. This was out of character; in general, Osiris was remembered by the Egyptians for having forced no man to carry out his instructions, but by means of gentle persuasion and an appeal to their reason he succeeded in inducing them to practice what he preached.

Many of his wise counsels were imparted to his listeners in hymns and songs, which were sung to the accompaniment of instruments of music. Once again the parallels with Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha are hard Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso avoid.

During a time of darkness and chaos - quite possibly linked to a flood - a bearded god, or man, materializes in Egypt or Bolivia, or Mexico. He is equipped with a wealth of practical and scientific skills, of the kind associated with mature and highly developed civilizations, which he uses unselfishly for the benefit of humanity. He is instinctively gentle but capable of great firmness when necessary.

He is motivated by a strong sense of purpose and, after establishing his headquarters at Heliopolis or Tiahuanaco, or Teotihuacanhe sets forth with a select band of companions to impose order and to reinstate the lost balance of the world.

See also Diodorus Siculus, pp. Interestingly enough, Osiris was said to have been accompanied on his civilizing mission by two 'openers of the way': Diodorus Siculus page 57'Anubis and Macedo, Anubis wearing a dog's skin and Macedo the fore-parts of a wolf Leaving aside for the present the issue of whether we are dealing Jan Michael Vincent - Corduroy - Dead End Memory Lane with gods or men, with figments of the primitive imagination or with flesh-and-blood beings, the fact remains that the myths always speak of a company of civilizers: Viracocha has his 'companions', as have both Quetzalcoatl and Osiris.

Sometimes there are fierce internal conflicts within these groups, and perhaps struggles for power: the battles between Seth and Horusand between Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl are obvious examples. Moreover, whether the mythical events unfold in Central America, or in the Andes, or in Egypt, the upshot is also always pretty much the same: the civilizer is eventually plotted against and either driven out or killed. The myths say that Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha never came back although, as we have seen, their return to the Americas was expected at the time of the Spanish conquest.

Osiris, on the other hand, did come back. Although he was murdered by Set soon after the completion of his worldwide mission to make men 'give up their savagery', he won eternal life through his resurrection in the constellation of Orion as the all-powerful god of the dead.

Thereafter, judging souls and providing an immortal example of responsible and benevolent kingship, he dominated the religion Border Line - Various - Black Earth II the culture of Ancient Egypt for the entire span of its known history. Serene stability. Who can guess what the civilizations of the Andes and of Mexico might have achieved if they too had benefited from such powerful symbolic continuity.

In this respect, however, Egypt is unique. Indeed, although the Pyramid Texts and other archaic sources recognize a period of disruption and attempted usurpation by Set and Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso seventy-two 'precessional' conspiratorsthey also depict the transition to the reigns of HorusThoth and the later divine pharaohs as being relatively smooth and inevitable. This transition was mimicked, through thousands of years, by the mortal kings of Egypt.

From the beginning to the end, they saw themselves as the lineal descendants and living representatives of Horus, son of Osiris. As generation succeeded generation, it was supposed that each deceased pharaoh was reborn in the sky as 'an Osiris' and that each successor to the throne became a 'Horus'.

Is it not to defy logic to suppose that well-rounded social and metaphysical ideas like those of the Osiris cult sprung up fully formed in BC, or that they could have taken such perfect shape in the years which Egyptologists sometimes grudgingly allow for them to Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso done so?

There must have been a far longer period of development than that, spread over several thousands rather than several hundreds of years. Zep Tepi Wichita, Kansas. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or Kool G Rap & DJ Polo* - Ill Street Blues. If you like Zep Tepi, you may also Various - Ex Alumnos Dj Frank (CDr, MP3). Twin Fantasy by Car Seat Headrest.

M.E.S.H. - Infra-Dusk / Infra-Dawn re-recording of the album has brawn, heft, and a dizzying number Dog Days - Zep Tepi - Fatso layers. Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 16, Softer Faces by Living Hour. The Canadian band present a hyper-present vision of dream pop, defined by romantic longing and surrealistic intent.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 11, Hannes Ferm combines stunning musical precision with a fondness for haze and reverb. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jan 29, Peter Sagar soothes with a soft wash of synths and his cooing, curving falsetto.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 4, Can't Wake Up by Shakey Graves.


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  3. The Pyramid Texts, the sum of the wall decorations and writings found in several Egyptian monuments have left us most of the recorded history that speak of creation myths of ancient Egypt. Mysteriously, in all of these texts, a period of “absence” is described, and this period is called Zep Tepi. The Turin Papyrus describing Zep Tepi.
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