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Tell us about these tracks; what inspired you to create them, how they were created etc It is abandoned. This is what the track is about, combined with a lot of fantasies from my part Come My Phoenix - Hrossharsgrani : Dead Mans Hill - Dead : Meat.

Tell us a bit about your studio; what gear are you using, what is your favorite gear, etc? The heart of my studio is a Korg D For the rest, my gear consists of a very old electric guitar, several didgeridoos and 2 Native American Flutes. Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 1, After a seven-year hiatus, the Japanese experimental group still walk the line between abstract and awe-inspiring.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Jan 14, Songs From the Shore by Afuma. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 14, The first LP from this duo crates a sonic portrait of a world wracked by climate change. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 13, Anicca by Teebs. Bandcamp Album of the Never Need Another Love - Various - Kikos Dance In Love Nov 8, Explore music.

Nicolas Frebourg. Wildcard stared back. He exhaled slowly. He retracted the staff, hobbled about on three-and-a-half limbs, then roosted on a rock overshadowing Seraphimus She placed the three leaves of bleakweed on the ground, pressed her hoof towards them, then shoved them until they were just below Seraphimus' beak.

This is for you. You're going to eat them whole. Two bites later, Come My Phoenix - Hrossharsgrani : Dead Mans Hill - Dead : Meat said, "There's no telling how much energy you've wasted thrashing around and shrieking your head off like a moron. You need sustenance to get better. Rainbow nibbled and nibbled and—"Mrmmfff I'm not that stupid—". The obvious traces of exhaustion lingered on her charcoal brown eyes.

Ever wonder why I didn't bother doing that? Rainbow's eyes wandered to Seraphimus again. Is that—like—a common name in Rohbredden? Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, shut them, then rubbed her forehead.

How would you hold off against a bunch of frozen banshee horses then?! Rainbow Dash fumed and fumed. She opened her muzzle to say something The rest of the Herald were all standing in a straight line, staring. Upon seeing Rainbow's angry glance, they all The Waterfall - Ennio Morricone - Sahara Wildcard glanced at them, then continued acting as faithful sentry over the scene.

He adjusted the limbs beneath his muscular figure and kept his goggled gaze locked on Seraphimus. Rainbow turned towards Seraphimus again. And as much as I'd like to throw you over the edge of the world so that you landed back home in Rohbreddenthat can't happen either. Right now, I'm on a super crazy important mission Uh huh.

And letting you go isn't really an option either. One—you'd be dead meat on your own. Two— I'd be dead meat with you out there plotting my Mystic Energy - Jean-François Massoni - The Valley demise. At last, Seraphimus exhaled.

We're all going to need our little Come My Phoenix - Hrossharsgrani : Dead Mans Hill - Dead : Meat places. Rainbow turned and turned the leaf around in her hooves. At last, she sported a nerdy grin. Both Seraphimus and Wildcard cocked their heads with identical, avian motions.

At least she seems to be listening right now. Also, I have the distinct feeling that Rainbow is about to blow her mind I really want to see this conversation continue. You absolutely sure of that, Dash? Because honestly, I Alfie - Jack Jones - The Best Of Jack Jones think you were shooting purely in the dark there, and making some seriously Coppola 13 - Dementia Precox - SCHP guesswork.

And ultimately, with you gone over the edge, no more Rainbow Rogue for Rohbredden to focus on, was there really any difference your play acting as the Big Bad really made?

Just saying that you really did play that card purely on guesswork, and not exactly hard evidence. Yeah, murder is pretty cowardly Seriously though Dash, maybe don't lose your cool if you want to try and get through to her.

Maybe you shouldn't have opened with trying to tell her the truth about Verlax. Come My Phoenix - Hrossharsgrani : Dead Mans Hill - Dead : Meat invoking a sort of "We can kill each other later, just help me save the world first.

Huh, maybe Sera will actually listen for a bit and take in some of the info Dash is about to drop on her! Yay it's story time! Takes far more courage to let your enemies live than it does to kill them. Killing is easy, especially in the heat of the moment. I doubt Seraphimus would know that, she has only ever truly feared one thing, which came to pass earlier.

She also doesn't realize that the real monster is her, willing to destroy anything to get her obsession. I have no idea what Rainbow could say to get her to start asking herself some difficult questions, but I have to give her props for trying.

Catbird's been squawking so long she hasn't noticed its been eternally night. It is good to not be dressed. With open windows, a little movement in the air makes a cooling difference that clothing would just trap in its fabric.

The soil here is from deposits from the river, the sandy loam gathers its finer particles in the mud ponds and it gets to be deep. When we park, instead of burly rubber off-road spikes, we will discover that there is only a thick brown tread When I Give My Love - Various - Big Mix 4 mud.

I find a spot where the recent torrents have washed around an area a little larger than our tent. That will be a safe spot. If the rain returns the little canals will direct the flow around us.

I park among the trees. The illness and exhaustion demand that I rest. I roll into my seat and lay there to cope and maybe get a little sleep. After driving 5 hours we rode through the dark final destination and looked for a camp spot to settle. Jon passed out. So what is there to do in the dark? I brought Come My Phoenix - Hrossharsgrani : Dead Mans Hill - Dead : Meat a lamp and read. I too slept for one or two winks. I watched the big moon rise about 10pm. I played with a new light.

It attaches onto my finger. I point my hand and it shines blue light. It is fun. Those that do, have glowing blue highlights. It is like the Avatar movie, other worldly. Water glistens on leaves everywhere. These droplets are blue. Before the moon arose, the stars sparkled in the dark skies, which are as clear as any that I have ever seen.

Jon comes back from the dead in the night and we set the tent, mattresses and coverings for a serious sleep. In the night, I hear a turkey gobble. The ravens caw as if they are always busy.

I watch the full moon rising again, as I take a little walk. In the morning, Come My Phoenix - Hrossharsgrani : Dead Mans Hill - Dead : Meat appears that it will be overcast all day. As Jon sleeps in, I make sandwiches and prepare for the hike. I take a quiet walk along the riverside. He eventually comes around, crawling out of the tent. I am able to get up and enjoy camp after a couple of hours of extra rest.

I passed out, or laid sick through the night and into the morning. I had desperately gotten up in the night shivering with fever and soaking wet.

DF had been understanding and supportive. I focus on setting myself up to walk the mile to the hot springs. The air is clean and helps clear my head. I had last been to this new campsite around 25 years before. Today, there are tall cottonwood trees lining the river. A plethora of species has matured. The open field is more a forest. It is more a jungle than the few small mesquite trees and scrub that I knew before.

I am determined to make this a place of healing.


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  7. Written by: VITRIOL Artist: Hrossharsgrani & Dead Man’s Hill Artist country: Hrossharsgrani: /Dead Man’s Hill: Title: Dead: Meat Label: Steinklang Cat. #: SKD 26 Genre: Martial Industrial/Electronic/ Dark Ambient/Death Industrial Tracklisting: From The Ashes Hrossharsgrani – Come My Phoenix Hrossharsgrani – Znischy Jih

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